NYFWM: You As Fall/Winter 2017

by Sydney Sadick

How did Tony Liu come up with the name You As for his menswear line? It was a phrase he coined with his friends, and now it’s how he defines his brand’s accessible and aspirational pieces, things that he felt were missing from his own wardrobe. With each garment, he aspires to create a “modern uniform” that’s cool, versatile, and multi-faceted. Liu debuted his Fall/Winter 2017 collection today at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, achieving all of those ideals. The collection was a nod to the vintage pillars of the ’40s and ’60s, while also bringing in some elements of styling from the ’80s and ’90s.  “I love film and cinema, especially from the golden age of film noir. I’m always thinking of these cinematic archetypes when I’m designing, like the cowboy or rebel or heartthrob. For Fall, it would be a combo of a rebel and a nerd,” he told The Daily.

Standouts from the lineup? A custom Japanese print featuring nude women lounging on 20th century chairs, a PJ shirt in rayon twill, a knitted mohair sweater, and denim throughout the collection, a subversive nod to uptight tweed upholstery.

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