Nicole Fenech Empowers Women through Artistry

by Amir Bakian

Women today have realized and are using their potential to its fullest. But finding your place in a male-dominated world as a woman is still difficult. Our society constantly reminds women why they are not enough and don’t deserve certain opportunities. Their efforts are not recognized and rewarded as much as that of men, tearing down their confidence and making their journey to the top twice as hard. Nicole Fenech is using art to remind women that they are enough.
Nicole is a professional lash technician and cosmetic tattoo artist. She is the owner of Venus Artistry Brows and Lash Studio, a beauty salon empowering women through makeup and self-care.
Nicole has built a safe space for all women to speak their minds without fear of judgment and encourage each other through life’s hardships, all while taking care of their bodies. Venus Artistry Brows and Lash Studio offers a wide range of beauty services, including lash lifts and tinting, lash extensions, fillers, and micro-blading. Nicole also provides nipple tattooing services for post-breast cancer survivors.
Nicole is leveraging her beauty industry experience and knowledge to help her fellow women feel more confident in their bodies and go after what they want. “I want to bring every woman into the spotlight and show her that she doesn’t have to listen to the world and that her worth isn’t determined by outside forces,” says Nicole.
Her unique approach to beauty and self-care has enabled her to build a solid brand and cement her spot in the industry. Nicole is well-educated in cosmetic tattooing, lip blush, eyebrows, and nipple tattooing. She is also a trained beauty therapist and nail technician and has a background in kinesiology. Nicole is an alumnus of Nature Care College, where she studied kinesiology, energetic and spiritual healing, holistic counseling, and remedial massage. She combines all these fields to give her clients extra confidence.
Nicole says that one of her goals is to reach all women and younger girls, helping other like-minded, passionate people. “Starting a business can be difficult. There are many obstacles, from lack of capital to inexperience, lack of time, and even the fear of failure. But you don’t have to let this stop you from living this dream,” says Nicole.
Having walked this path and made it to the other side, Nicole wants to show others that it is possible. She is sharing the highs and lows with others looking to get started. Her advice to young girls and entrepreneurs is to fight for what they believe in and invest in it.
“There will never be a perfect time to start, and the more you wait, the more you miss out on opportunities,” says Nicole. Instead of waiting, Nicole recommends networking with others in the industry and those in the same place as you, as it will give you an idea of what to expect and help you make more informed decisions. She adds the importance of working hard and being patient with oneself, as success takes time, and we all come from different backgrounds.

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