6 New Wave Social Media Stars You Need to Follow

by The Daily Front Row

Get to know these influencers on their way to total feed domination. 

1. The Suited Racer

Hails From NYC
Signatures Maintains complete anonymity. Oh, and really likes motorcycles.
Sign Still trying to figure that out.
Education We keep asking.
Follower Count 146K
Favorite Meal We’ll get back to you on that…
Typical Get – up His iconic mask, paired with a motorcycle and classic menswear.

2. Moti Ankari

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Hails from Brooklyn
Education Studied accounting at Baruch College to please his parents, then transferred to FIT
Early start Ankari started his fashion blog, The Metro Man, as a college freshman
Resume Wild Card Interned for Lizzie Grubman, NYC publicist infamous for…well, you know.
Seeing Double Has a twin brother, Ami

3. Caroline Daur

Hails From Hamburg, Germany
Sign Pisces
Career Beginnings Caroline began posting her outfits on Instagram as a college student, and quickly attracted a massive following.
Follower Count 1.8M
Education Studied business in school
Clientele Vogue Japan, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Mac, and Levi’s
Quirk “I wear necklaces all day and all night. I never take them off, ever!” Daur tells The Daily.

4. Lainy Hedaya

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So cozy in @barrieofficial

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What’s your background?
Middle Eastern, Eastern European…a mix of it all!

How do you explain your job to people?
I produce content for brands.

How much time do you spend on Instagram a day?
On average, four hours. Could be all day, though.

What’s the biggest misconception about being an influencer?
That what I do is easy!

5. Kemio

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Big break Making funny videos with his friends, thus becoming a Vine superstar
Sign Libra
Claim to fame A high-energy Internet sensation, with catchphrases worth stealing
Follower count 690K
Has worked with Dior and HR magazine

6. Grace Atwood

Where does the name The Stripe come from?
It started as Stripes & Sequins — back in 2010, it was protocol for bloggers to name blogs after two arbitrary things, preferably a food or beverage item and a fabric print or texture. I had no idea my blog would become “a thing” when I started it. It evolved; five years after launching, I felt lame sitting next to editors from Vogue and The Daily at events, telling them about “Stripes & Sequins.” After a lot of deliberation, I settled on The Stripe: a nice transition away from the old name, without going in an entirely different direction.

What’s the hardest part of your gig?
Accounting and contracts — the boring but important stuff. Actually, explaining to people that blogging is a real job, I’m not independently wealthy, I can’t have three – hour lunches, and I work really hard. Especially explaining it while dating — men don’t get it!

Cindy Crawford follows you. What was your reaction when you got that notification?
I just about died. I met her at an event for her skincare line and we hit it off. She was so gracious and friendly. The best part? She’s pretty active—she regularly likes and comments on things!

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