Marco Donatelli Discusses Balancing Family Expectations with Personal Ambition

by Amir Bakian

Marco Donatelli, the 22-year-old American social media celebrity, is on a mission to prove that you can have it all. After the Covid-19 pandemic forced Marco to abandon his dream of becoming a pro football player, he rose to fame after his TikTok video went viral.

His newfound fame allowed Marco to explore a different path. Moreover, he successfully capitalized on the opportunity by transitioning from influencing and content creation into modeling, acting, and other areas of showbiz.

“You have to be willing to take risks in order for your dreams to come true,” says Marco Donatelli. “It won’t always be easy, but if you stay focused and keep pushing forward, you can achieve anything.”

While Donatelli’s transition to a completely different career looks seamless at first glance, the path is challenging. And the obstacle that surprised him the most was right in his backyard, or better said, in his home. As Marco points out, his father and late mother were incredibly supportive of whatever he chose to do in life, but they struggled when Marco wanted to move into a creative career path.

Marco decided that the best way to make everyone happy was to continue pursuing his dreams while simultaneously working on his college degree – a path that is certainly harder but one that will leave everyone satisfied in the end.

“My parents wanted me to do well academically, but I always wanted something more than that, and we had little clashes here and there. Despite my burning passion for success, I also wanted to make sure my family was proud of me, especially after my mom died. That’s why I chose a path that is more difficult but ultimately more rewarding – I found a balance where I could pursue my dreams while still attending college and working on my degree,” says Marco Donatelli.

That is why Marco doesn’t want to move to LA right now, even though he knows playing the waiting game can be risky. He plans to get his degree first and then move to Hollywood to work on his acting career. Still, he hasn’t completely put his plan on pause.

“Dreaming big and achieving huge success is important for me, but I believe it’s pointless if I don’t have anyone to share it with,” he says. “And my plan is still in motion. I hired an acting coach; I’m doing auditions across the States. It’s not easy, but when you stick to a plan, it’s doable.”

Marco exemplifies how ambition can coincide with family expectations to create success. As Marco continues to grow professionally, he is determined to stay true to himself and remain humble throughout this process. He hopes that by setting this example, he inspires other young individuals to combine their ambitions with familial expectations.

“It takes dedication and hard work, but I know it can be done,” says Marco. “I want people out there who are like me to know that they don’t have to choose between their parent’s wishes or their dreams – they can do both.”

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