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A Moment with…Stephanie Seymour!

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Model we love Stephanie Seymour is the newly-anointed creative director of lingerie line Raven & Sparrow, which just hit Barneys. Naturally, we took the opportunity to catch up on life, lingerie, a lusty Barneys campaign video, and more. Take it away, Stephanie!

Stephanie, what urged you to launch a lingerie line?
I wanted to do something that would embrace everything that I really enjoy as a woman, as far as sleepwear and lingerie are concerned. I really love sweet, cotton, sexy cotton pajamas, like the old long johns with the little tank top. I also like the sleek, sexy nightgown. I haven’t met a woman yet that doesn’t totally agree with me, that they want both.

Why is it called Raven & Sparrow?
I feel that every woman has a little bit of raven and a little bit of sparrow. 
One of my favorite songs is “Little Sparrow” by Dolly Parton. I love that song—it all comes from this song. It’s about a woman talking to a younger woman about how to handle life and men. Dolly is singing to the younger girl.

What else is new?
I just bought a teepee and I’m decorating it—it’s really fun! I’m putting in wood floors. That’s kind of absorbing a lot of my creative time, besides Raven and Sparrow.

What’s new with the fam?
My boys are really growing up to be nice boys. I’m really proud of them. And my daughter just got braces! She’s been in pain for two weeks. I feel so bad for her, so I took her shopping. There’s a tradition: if you have to get braces, you get to go shopping afterwards. And that makes it OK. When my  son, Peter, got braces, I brought him to Barneys, and I was like, ‘You can have anything you want, because you’re in so much pain!’ It helps. Do a little shopping, that eases the pain somehow.

Do you have a favorite floor in Barneys?
Whichever floor they have Alaïa on is the floor I love. My husband always says to me, ‘But you got everything in Paris! Why do you need to go to Barneys and buy more?’ I was like, ‘Because they have different things?’ I’m saying that as if he would believe me. But he doesn’t believe me. I try to get as much of each collection as I can when I go to Paris, but there’s still something about going into a store and buying it. And I love going up and down the escalators in Barneys. It’s so fun. They have everything. You can fulfill your raven and your sparrow. See what I’m saying?

Raven and Sparrow just posted the Barneys “Must Be Catching” campaign video shot by Bruce Weber to Instagram. What was it like working with those boys?
They were so sweet! I enjoyed their company. They were totally adorable. And they were all the same age as my sons. It was so crazy. [Raven and Sparrow Designer] Casey [Paul] put that up. Then she showed it to me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is racy.’ I had totally forgotten! Pictures or film, when you’re in it and you’re doing it, it never ever feels like what it looks like. There’s never that same impact. It was a lot of fun doing it, but someone could look at it and think, Whoa. Bruce is so good at that stuff. He has this really special soft kind of voice. He’ll be like, ‘Ya know, Tom, could you just take off your shirt? Oh, that’d be great.’ And the shirt comes off. And then, ‘Oh, do you think you could take off your shorts?’ And then the shorts comes off. It’s really cute. He does it in such a sweet way. I love the way Bruce handles people, especially male models.


Kristen Heinzinger is the Senior Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer.

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