Media Mover of the Week: Danielle Prescod of Obsessee

by Kristen Heinzinger
Danielle Prescod

When an editor’s resume stacks up, Moda Operandi, InStyle, Nylon, and Teen Vogue, the next move is something worth watching. We’re talking about Danielle Prescod, who just decamped from InStyle as accessories editor for a different kind of gig: managing editor of obsessee, the Clique Media Group-owned media venture that lives entirely on social media. We find out more from the Media Mover of the Week.

Why did you decide to make this move?
I decided to make the move to obsessee because the Internet is where I belong. I really missed the pace and creativity of being able to work in a digital space.

What have you learned in your variety of roles at different companies?
From Moda Operandi, I learned to hustle and that relationships are your most valuable asset. At, I learned to think independently and creatively. When everyone is covering the same topics and materials, what is going to make your story interesting and compelling? And from Teen Vogue, I learned to have fun and sometimes fashion means the freedom to buy something that you want to wear for a week and maybe never again but you should still explore that impulse because otherwise, how else will you know?

Did you know the founders and former ELLE-ers Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power from your days at
I didn’t cross over with them at ELLE, but I’ve been a fan of theirs for years. I used to get the WhoWhatWear newsletter in college and read it on my Blackberry and I was obsessed. I would read it every day and I was so excited to find content that I wanted to read online. It was my first introduction to fashion outside of a magazine. I think they are both so incredibly smart. They have built an amazing company. On my first day, I felt instantly connected to the team because they were all so driven, savvy, and passionate.

What is the first thing you want to do in the new role?
I officially started on March 16, so it’s barely been a month! I am working on a ton right now so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. First and foremost, my objective is focusing on managing the obsessee team of editors and our production calendar. Also, we’re ramping up a robust group of contributors, which I’m very excited about.

What are your long-term plans?
Right now we’re focused on growing our brand awareness and ensuring that our platform is the go-to place for the Gen Z girl to connect through social-only content in a meaningful way. That goal is both short-term and long-term for us. This is hugely exciting for me because as a young girl, it is so important to find your voice. I am continuously impressed by how creative and plugged in Gen Z is. I think back to myself in high school and about how small my world was. These girls are constantly connected. Their networks are huge! They are thinking, writing, and creating and we want to give them a cool space to share that.

Where do you see this vertical heading? Do you anticipate more companies like obsessee popping up?
Obsessee is going to be huge! We’re already growing exponentially week over week, so the sky is the limit. It’s the future of content distribution—we need to be where our users are already spending their time. Whenever I look around and people have idle time, they are on their phones. I know they are scrolling through Instagram. It is such a major part of our lives now. Sharing information, sharing your life, these are simply natural. One of the massive benefits of working for a company like Clique Media Group, the parents company of obsessee, is being able to be at the forefront of trends and be agile enough to innovate quickly. Even though I’m sure there will be others that follow this trend, we’re far ahead of it from a timing perspective, so I know we’ll continue to be a leader in the space.

Who are some of your favorites to follow on social media/why?
@KristenNoelCrawley on Instagram(she’s @theknc on Snapchat). Kristen and I became friends on Instagram two years ago. We’ve had a modern relationship. She’s taught me so much about beauty! I also am obsessed with her style. My other favorite is @Julie_Schott on Snapchat and Instagram. Julie is also a personal friend but she is so clever it kills me. I want to be as cool as Julie one day, but I might never get there. My favorite new account is @fashioninstant, which is a photo project started by a former stylist, Alex Sweterlisch. It’s taking Instagram back into the Instant because he shoots everything on polaroids and posts them. No DSLR cameras or crazy apps, just a cool girl and a cool photo.

Your favorite emoji?
The new eye roll one.

What is your current obsession?
Mara Khoreva (
@MaraChok). She’s a student at the Vaganova Ballet Academy and she’s personifies perfection. I could watch her videos all day. She never ever, ever gets boring to me. As a dancer, I am in total awe of her strength and grace. She is the future of dance. I know I sound like a parent, but she’s an inspiration. 

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