Marc Jacobs' Disconnect

by The Daily Front Row

Though Marc Jacobs designing Diet Coke cans and having his own Muscle Marc doll will be hard to beat when it comes to getting our coveted “Raaaaaaaandom” award, he might have outdone himself again. MJ’s a thespian now! Jacobs will soon be seen in the new Justin Bateman and Paula Patton flick, Disconnect, and the jam-packed trailer is ready for your eyes. Enjoy every sec of his acting debut, because it’s most likely the last time he’ll be appearing on the big screen. “I enjoyed saying I did it and I enjoyed parts of doing it, but you know, it’s not ever been my dream to act or anything like that,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.  “It’s probably the last time I’ll ever do it.” Who else suspects that he’s actually going to be really, really good in this? The film hits theatres on April 12th. 

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