Marc Jacobs: The More We Know…

by The Daily Front Row

Marc Jacobs had a press conference in London yesterday to discuss his gig as the creative director of Diet Coke (we still love typing that as much as we hope you enjoy reading it) and more fun facts were revealed about MJ by The Telegraph!

  1. He’s OK with turning 50 in April. “My midlife crisis has been going on for 20 years; I don’t see it as a crisis at all because it’s quite the adventure, not a crisis for me. I’m not buying a Corvette or anything like that, I guess that’s something.”

  2. We knew it! “I love attention, I’m very honest about it. I guess there were years where I didn’t really wanna do press and I didn’t care about my appearance and I sort of shied away from things like that. Now, in order for me to enjoy them, I just have to be me and do what I wanna do and if I wanna wear a pink dress or a lace dress or a kilt of whatever it’s like I’m not solely doing it for attention, I’m doing it first for myself because it gives me pleasure; something I’m into at the moment.”

  3. He loves Cher as much as we do and wants her on the red carpet again. “I long for the days of Cher showing up in something transparent, you know, crazy hair ‘do or something like that, I’d much rather see that: an individuality but unfortunately the red carpet is just a sea of sameness.” 

  4. He and Kate Moss text! “We’ve been friends for so many years. I think we just genuinely like each other and I think we have many of the same interests.” 

  5. He doesn’t shower at the gym.

  6. He loves his dogs! “Daisy lives in Paris and Neville lives in New York City. Neville is just a little older than six months old I guess, and Daisy’s quite a bit older – she’s almost 11; and they’re great.”

  7. He enjoys Cara Delevingne as much as the rest of us, but is she the new Kate Moss? “I think Cara’s Cara and Kate’s Kate. I mean I love Cara, she’s a sweetheart, she has a great energy, a beautiful girl but I think there’s only one Kate. Well, there’s two Kates in England aren’t there?”

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