Maddie Ziegler Jumps Into Athleisure Design With a Collection for Fabletics

by Aria Darcella
Maddie Ziegler

Between her dance and film projects, Maddie Ziegler has a lot going on. Yet the young entertainer still found time to team up with Fabletics for a new capsule collection. The 17-piece collaboration features tops, bottoms and even shoes. She fills us in on meeting Kate Hudson, and chats about her new role in the upcoming West Side Story remake!

How often to you dance these days? Do you still take classes and stuff?
I do! I’m actually rehearsing a lot for many different things I’ve been doing and it’s been great. There was a time when I was focusing most on acting but now I’ve gotten back into dancing more regularly. I’m so happy and it’s made me think, why was I not dancing so much anymore? I’m so happy to be back at it because it is my favorite thing to do.

What other major project do you have coming up this year?
I am a part of West Side Story that Steven Spielberg is directing. It’s just crazy to me that that’s what I’m doing at age 16, I’m working with Steven Spielberg. That’s really, really cool. That’s kind of my main focus right now. Obviously we have our Sia film coming out, which is exciting.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler (Fabletics)

Did you watch the original West Side Story to prepare?
Yes, of course! I’ve watched it like, three times now… especially if we’re in rehearsals and we’re doing something I always want to go back and rewatch how it was done originally so I can compare the two. It’s amazing, it’s one of the best films ever made and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it now. It’s a classic. If you ask anyone about West Side Story, they’ve all seen it and all loved it.

Do you think you’ll ever get into choreography?
I’ve choreographed before, but it hasn’t been for anything big. I think it would be really, really fun. Ryan Heffington, who does all the Sia videos and stuff, he is a big inspiration to me and all of the projects he’s been working on would be a dream come true. If I got to choreograph something so incredible like he does. That would be amazing but I don’t think that’s my main focus. I like to interpret the actual choreographers work.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler and Kate Hudson (Fabletics)

Can you tell me a little bit about how your Fabletics collaboration came to be and how you met Kate Hudson?
Kate and I actually met on set while filming a movie together. I’m really really happy that brought us together. When I was rehearsing and we were just on set together she would bring me bags and bags of Fabletics clothes. I loved them so much because being a dancer I live in activewear. She was like “You have to start wearing my brands!” One day she was like, “What if we do the collaboration together?” It was the most exciting news. I felt like it made perfect sense.

Is this the first clothing design you’ve done?
This is my first time designing activewear. I’ve designed clothes before in the past but I felt like activewear made the most sense, because I am a dancer and I work out all the time. I wanted to adjust it to what makes me feel confident. I feel like we’ve designed all the pieces that I’ve been dying to have and now I get to wear them when I work out.

Did Kate Hudson give you any advice?
It was more inspiration. Her personality and her style reflects in her clothes a lot and so I just wanted to do exactly that. I wanted my personality and my real self to reflect on all of my activewear that I was creating and I think that’s exactly what I did. I was really inspired by all of the designs she’s done and I wanted to use that to translate into my style.

How did your dance background influence what you were designing?
The collection really reflects my personal style. I am all about comfort and being able to move without it being restricting. That’s key for me. All of the fabrics are really comfortable and easy to move in — I just love how breathable and how free I feel when I’m dancing. There’s nothing holding me back. That’s exactly what I wanted to do when creating this line.

You’ve worn a lot of looks for some of the music videos you’ve been in. Do you have any favorites?
Well the signature Sia music video look, obviously — the nude leotard and the blonde wig. As the videos went on we’ve sort of added some things or changed the look a little bit. Then it went into the half black, half white wig. I think my favorite look music video-wise was probably “The Greatest” because I wore an all black wig and I was all dirty all over my body and then I did the rainbow tears. That look was amazing and I feel like when everyone comes to our shows and our concerts, or even on halloween, that’s their go-to look to dress up in.

Do you get to have an opinion on what you’re wearing or is it the director that makes that call?
For the Sia stuff it’s all up to Sia and our stylist Sam [Samantha Burkhart]. They’re both incredible and their visions always come to life and I’ll always trust them. I’ll dance in whatever. I feel like dancers are meant to do that. Whatever you’re put in, you make it work. Of course, they always care about my opinion. They want me to feel confident and comfortable. So it is important that I have my say, “I think it would be a little better if this fits this way.” I have a little bit of an opinion but ultimately it’s up to the directors.

What would your dream fashion collaboration be?
There are so so many! Dior would be an amazing brand to do a collaboration with. To wear their clothes and do a shoot would be a dream come true. High-end clothes are sometimes a lot, but if it’s for Dior or Saint Laurent or something like that then it would be a dream come true because it’s really high-fashion.

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