Kirsten Dunst Wants You To Keep To Your Selfie

by Eddie Roche

As the selfie backlash grows, Kirsten Dunst and filmmaker Matthew Frost give us their take in this short film, Aspirational, for Vs. Magazine. Dunst is going about her day when two young fans literally stop their car, jump out, and want a selfie with the actress at the end of her driveway. Manners? Who needs ’em when it comes to taking a selfie? As long as you’ve got your shot, it’s all good, right? Very few words are actually spoken in the film, but the “enthusiasm” of the fan girls delivers the point loud and clear. Where does common sense go when fans meet their fave celebs? Meanwhile, check out Dunst in the Fall/Winter issue of Vs., in a shot by Kayt Jones. Remember to think twice before you selfie and drive.


Kirsten Dunst

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