Juicy Couture Co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor Launches Cannabis & Loungewear Brand With Her Son Travis Nash

by Freya Drohan

As the co-creator of the loungewear brand that truly started it all, Gela Nash-Taylor is well equipped to know how to sprinkle her magic on a category. The Juicy Couture co-founder has thus launched a luxury cannabis and lifestyle offering called POTENT GOODS, alongside her son Travis Nash. The Hollywood-based brand is truly doing the most, with a product line (including premium all-in-one vaporizer pens and boutique flower pre-roll packs)—and the type of casual yet cool clothes you want to wear while you enjoy some cannabis and chill. Or in the words of Nash-Taylor herself, “It’s the epitome of chic!” The Daily caught up with the duo to get the lowdown.

What was the inspiration behind POTENT GOODS? What is the story behind the name?
Gela: Travis originally came up with the idea to create a cannabis line. We’re multi-generational and the intersection of what we both love about cannabis is where our products were developed. For me, a self-confessed maximalist, potent is a great word. It suggests the best, the max!
Travis: As with most things POTENT GOODS, it was a family affair. We had a few ideas for names, but it was my sister Zoe who settled on POTENT GOODS. POTENT GOODS has a few meanings, the most commonly used one obviously refers to the cannabis and its strength, but it also can describe someone influential and dynamic, which we think applies both to our clothing and the people who wear it.

How does the loungewear collection complement the cannabis products?
Gela: I have always been fascinated by how different clothing, silhouettes, colors, and textures alter your mood. Casual luxury is everything I love about the California lifestyle. In that way, this is an extension of what I did at Juicy Couture. All of our products come from a personal desire to create a luxurious and sensual smoking experience that’s for everyone, which is why everything is unisex.
Travis: We wanted to make clothing that enhances the smoking experience. All of the prints are uniquely sophisticated, and each strain has its own print. The ‘Offline’ kimono and lounge pant, which is a moody floral print, is paired with the relaxing high of our Indica strain that helps lull you into your nighttime routine. Our ‘Muse’ print is our signature monogram tracksuit paired with our uplifting Hybrid strain that inspires your inner muse and delights the senses. The snake nylon windbreaker set is paired with the energizing ‘Amplify’ Sativa strain which is both balanced and uplifting.

What is it like creating a cannabis brand as a mother-son?
Travis: Most of the time, it was a lot of fun. Finding out what kind of cannabis your mother likes was an interesting experience, not too dissimilar from tasting wine with your parents, then discussing tasting notes. Of course, creating cannabis products that appealed to both of our different tastes was challenging. I had to balance my likes, as a more frequent smoker, with my mother’s, who’s approach to cannabis is far more casual.
Gela: I believe that our perspective as a mother and son make us different from other brands. I was looking for a subtle high, a tilt towards euphoria. We created our pens from the purest oil where you can enjoy a few gentle “sips” without plunging into the deep end. Travis prefers a more potent experience and the convenience of our boutique flower pre-rolls.


What are you most excited about in the collection?
Travis: I love the Offline tracksuit, there’s something about a moody floral that really speaks to me. I wear the pants all the time, but I’m most excited for the pre-rolls. I think the Amplify (Sativa) is particularly good and I can’t wait to pass around a box with my friends.
Gela: I’m most excited about the kimono and lounge pant paired with a killer pair of vintage platforms. Now that the country is opening up again, I can go out on the town and discreetly pull out a pen and enjoy the subtle high. Ultimately the greatest satisfaction an entrepreneur has is sharing their vision with the world.

Gela, how is this different from creating Juicy Couture, and what are the similarities if any?
The similarities of creating a brand like Juicy Couture and POTENT GOODS are that they are both born out of a desire to design and create something that is very authentic to me; in terms of what I want to wear and how I want to smoke. The design process and the process of creating a brand have always fed my soul. I am very collaborative; I have always loved working a partner. With Juicy it was my BFF Pam, and, in this case, I could not be happier to be sharing this experience with my son Travis.  Of course the biggest difference is cannabis! It’s the new frontier and it makes it very exciting. The possibilities in this industry are endless.

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