John Varvatos Rocks A New Book

by The Daily Front Row

John Varvatos had a book singing last night at his Soho store for John Varvatos: Rock In Fashion that brought out the likes of Dylan Walsh, Ty Pennington, Jim Moore, Mick Rock, Fern Mallis, and Stephen Kolb, who all came out to toast his first tome. Varvatos took a break from a lenghty line of autograph seekers to tell us what the book was all about.  “It’s about the effect that music and fashion have on each other and the transcending effect on pop culture from generation to generation,” he explains. “It was a passion project.” As a collector of the signatures of everyone from Dave Matthews to The Rolling Stones, how did it feel to be on the other side of the fence for a night? “It’s fun! This has been such a labor of love that it’s like giving birth after all the time I spent working on it.” Varvatos’ first book is available now.

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