Jeremy Scott Takes on Tabloid Culture With His Latest Collection for Fall 2019

by Eddie Roche

For Fall 2019, Jeremy Scott collaborated with the artist Aleksandra Mir who created hand-drawn blown-up renderings of tabloid covers straight from the New York Post and New York Daily News, which Scott then turned into prints for his collection. The stark and blatant imagery was intended as a rebuttal to our collective obsession with salacious headlines, false scenarios, and click bait drama, which incite tensions and ultimately divide us — not only in the political sphere, but in pop culture as well. Scott transformed these striking headlines into clothing intended to mirror the frenetic hyper overload of breaking news that inundates our daily life.

Fitted bustiers give way to multi layered featherweight tulle skirts, while distressed denim and leather are emblazoned with verbiage, and Scott takes something as delicate and beautiful as Swarovski crystal mesh and masks it with bold graphics. He paints the seesawing economy of the past in leather, the catastrophes of today in chiffon, and tomorrow’s scandals in sequins, silks, and tulle, all the while maintaining an aggressive edge to express the wonder and horror of our times.

The Daily caught up with Scott backstage at his show to learn more.

It’s all black and white!
It’s almost all black and white except a few pieces. I collaborated with the artist, Aleksandra Mir, who did a huge exposition of covers of The Daily News and The New York Post. I took them, extracted them, glued them up, and played with them and did different printing techniques. It’s a very strong and aggressive collection. I was thinking about the our countries obsession with gossip and salacious news. Politics are pop culture. Whether it’s in the news or on Instagram, people are so addicted to scandal. I thought about it and found it quite sad. I thought about how obsessive we are so I wanted to take it all and put it all out there and make something beautiful. I played with lots of different techniques, even though I’m with one very simple color palete. 

What’s it like working with just black and white?
It’s honestly fine. For me it’s not different than any other theme I do. I never felt restricted. 

Do you have a favorite headline on any of the pieces?
Chaos! Panic is another favorite. To me, it’s exactly what this is all about. We’re driving people into hysteria. I basically stopped watching certain news because I have to limit the amount I watch of it because of the anxiety it causes. This is not only political stuff, it’s in pop culture. People are so prone to believe a lie. 

What do you do for enjoyment?
I thoroughly enjoy the work that I’m creating. I love simple pleasures like going to the movies. I’m not sour. I’m just reactive as an artist and a human. I think that’s part of life and who I am. That is me. What happens in the world at large and what happens in the world to me will come out in my work in one way or another. I’m still very upbeat! Wait until you see Milan! It’s a gas! 

Your boyfriend Denek K is very cute! Where did you meet?
We met in Milan at a casting and later he was in LA and he asked me out on a date. He’s the sweetest person inside and out. It’s crazy. He was so good looking that I thought it wasn’t going to work, but he’s so kind and so thoughtful with such a big heart and such a kind caregiver. I’m very happy. 

Check out the rest of the collection below.

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