Harley Viera Newton On Her Stylish DJ Gigs And Her Competitive Bidding Skills

by Dena Silver

With a plethora of art-centric events inundating our calendars (including the likes of last week’s Whitney Art Party and Frieze Art Fair), Harley Viera Newton, was on DJ duty for the Whitney’s Max Mara-sponsored bash recently. The chic set’s go-to DJ filled us in on her latest canvas acquisition and more…

How did you first get involved with Max Mara?
I DJ’d an event for them and really loved the team. I had so much fun working with them. I  love how Max Mara does really beautiful, timeless, and classic pieces. It just made sense to keep working together.

Have you ever been to a Max Mara runway show?
I haven’t been yet. Usually I don’t have time to go to Milan in between fashion weeks, so I usually have to miss their shows. I’m hoping I’ll catch one soon.

What’s your go-to outfit when you’ll be in the DJ booth all night?
I usually prefer dresses, because they’re super easy for me and sort of my go-to. I try to keep it comfortable and simple, so a crazy heel is never a good idea, but I’ve definitely done it before.

Favorite Max Mara ensemble you’ve worn to date?
I recently wore a long purple skirt with suspenders attached and a sheer purple shirt underneath. I wore it to New Yorkers for Children. I also have a classic cashmere blanket coat that I live in during the winter.

How often do you buy art via an art auction, like at the Whitney Art Party?
I haven’t bought any art at the Whitney’s parties, but I actually just won something recently. It’s only the second time I’ve ever bid on something and the first time I’ve ever won. I think there were only three bids and I waited until the very last minute to bid. And then I won, which is exciting. It’s a really pretty watercolor. I just moved apartments and I have very empty walls, so I needed to decorate them!

What do you collect?
I don’t collect art yet, but I have a lot of antiques and weird curiosities around my house that I collect on my travels.

What’s in the works for you this summer?
I don’t have summer completely figured out yet, because work comes really last minute for me. So it’s hard to plan ahead, but for now I’m focusing on this month. And I’m aiming on going on vacation with my family at some point.

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