From The Daily Summer: Model To Watch! Dutch Stunner Marloes Horst

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Get acquainted with Dutch darling Marloes Horst, our first cover mod on The Daily Summer this season. She epitomized white mystique in the magnifique fashion spread in the mag; now it’s time to learn a bit about this beauty…

How much white is in your closet?
A lot! I get complaints about it from my mom, actually. But moms always need something to complain about, right? I love white, especially in the summer. People just look happier when they wear it.

Tell us about your name.
It sounds very unique once you leave Holland, but it’s actually very unoriginal. It was the most common name when I was born. My parents weren’t very creative.

It’s the Jane of Holland.
Totally! It doesn’t mean anything. It’s very boring.

How do people pronounce it here?
I’m mostly “Marlow.” For some reason they never get the “s” at the end. It’s supposed to sound like “goose.”

You should tell them the extra ‘s’ is for sexy! What do your parents do, if we may be so bold?
My dad was a biology teacher and my mom is a medical teacher.  My youngest brother is a history teacher now, and my older brother teaches geology. A lot of teachers, and then there’s me!

You should teach modeling!
Maybe one day I’ll have a modeling school—make my parent’s proud. But lately I’ve been very interested in interior design.

How were you discovered?
It was really random. When I was 16 my best friend liked to take pictures, and one day we sent out photos of me to modeling agencies in Holland. We didn’t expect anything and then I heard back from them two days later. Now I’m living in New York.

What’s been your favorite job so far? Aside from The Daily, of course.
I did a shoot in Africa, and every day we had to drive an hour to the location. It was like your own private safari trip.

You were the face and bod of Calvin Klein swimwear. How was that?
I loved the pictures. It really helped my career.

What was the first show you walked in?
It was Prada, and I wore crazy high heels. Nine girls fell, but I didn’t because I walked as slow as an elderly person. I was so freaking nervous I probably looked like a deer in headlights. I’m way too nervous for runway!

What’s your forté?
I’m the sexy person! I get to do the swimsuit and the underwear shoots. You have some models that do boyish and cool well. My blonde hair and blue eyes have more of a Lara Stone, sexy vibe.

Do you know Lara?
I run into her at castings, but we’ve never worked together. I love her work, though!

What about Doutzen Kroes?
I’ve hung out with her in the Hamptons, actually. We stayed at the same house. I didn’t know she was going to be there and it was nice to be able to speak my own language. We come from the same area in Holland.

Why do you think so many models come out of Holland?
Dutch people do well because we’re really easy to work with. Every country seems to have a moment. When I started, it was all about the Russians and then it was all about the Brazilians, so maybe now it’s the Dutch invasion. It’s our time.

Is there an equivalent to the Hamptons in Holland?
No. We don’t have rich people in Holland. The rich community there is about 10 people. All the people who do well leave! [laughs]

What do you love most about summer?
Getting the long days back. After dinner you don’t feel like you have to stay in. You can enjoy outside and be excited about walking the dog.

Do you have a dog?
Of course! She’s my angel. Her name is Pip. She wasn’t planned, but I saw her in a pet store where normally dogs look pretty depressed and she was the happiest, goofiest dog I’d ever seen.

What do you miss most about home?
I miss speaking my own language. I only do it now when my mom calls.

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