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by Charles Manning
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What former "it" brand is planning to relaunch in the coming year?

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On Wednesday, Hood by Air’s creative director and co-founder, Sahyne Oliver, announced plans to relaunch the buzzy brand, which went dark back in 2017. “No one knows how our comeback will be received,” Oliver told Ssense. “We are all hoping for the best, but we also understand some time has passed.”

The FTC recently won a landmark case against Cure Encapsulations for buying fake reviews on Amazon. How much was the brand fined?

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The Federal Trade Commission successfully brought a case with a $12.8 million fine against a company that bought fake reviews on Amazon. Cure Encapsulations — which sells weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants — has been buying fake reviews since 2014. The FTC had hard evidence: an email from the owner of Cure Encapsulations paying $1000 to a company called Amazon Verified Reviews for an initial 30 reviews.

What is Rihanna's stake in her new fashion line with LVMH?

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Rihanna (through her company Denim UK Holdings) owns 49.99 percent of Project Loud France, with LVMH as the majority shareholder. Jean-Baptiste Voisin, LVMH’s chief strategy officer, is listed as president. The company product categories include everything from clothing and accessories for men and women to “lifestyle” products.

On Sunday, Ruth E. Carter won her first Academy Award for costume design in what film?

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Carter was previously nominated for her work designing costumes for "Amistad" (1997) and "Malcolm X" (1992).

What luxury conglomerate is planning to open their first hotel and spa in London?

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LVMH plans to open a hotel, spa, restaurant, and shopping space in London, provided it gets city approval. The space will be in the same neighborhood as the conglomerate’s new Givenchy store, and will likely house a Celine flagship boutique. The project could open as early as 2022.

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