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Which fast fashion retailer announced new measures to cut down its plastic usage by 2020?

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Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company, has announced it “will aim to cut down the usage of single-use plastic bags by 85% by 2020.” By switching to paper bags and changing certain packaging, the company will cut 7,800 tonnes of plastic waste a year. Select stores will see changes starting in September, and the initiative will expand across the company by next year.

Why has Stockholm Fashion Week been canceled?

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The Swedish Fashion Council has canceled Stockholm Fashion Week in the name of sustainability. It was scheduled to run August 27 to 29. “Stepping away from the conventional Fashion Week model has been a difficult, but much considered decision,” said Jennie Rosén, CEO of the SFC. “We need to put the past to rest and stimulate the development of a platform that is relevant for today’s fashion industry (and) focus on creating tools and platforms in order to support and prepare the industry for the future.”

How long did it take workers to construct Dior's elaborate couture runway set?

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Dior's runway took 15 painters and decorators three weeks to put up the 2500 square meters of wallpaper, and 600 square meters of vinyl on the floors, not to mention constructing a 15-meter high tree sculpture on the staircase.

How long did it take Ashanti to come up with her new swimwear collection for PrettyLittleThing?

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"About a month," she told The Daily Front Row. "My sister was an integral part of the design process — coming up with patterns and unique, bold prints and colors."

Which of the following celebrities was NOT invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this week?

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Variety reports that 842 people were invited to join this year and half of them are women. Lady Gaga, Sterling K. Brown, Gemma Chan, Claire Foy, Tom Holland, Elisabeth Moss, Alexander Skarsgård, and Letitia Wright all joined the acting branch. Meanwhile, musicians like Annie Lennox, Adele, and Gaga’s co-winner, Mark Ronson, were asked to join under the music branch.

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