Meet the Woman Behind the Tautest Bods In the Hamptons

by Ashley Baker
Erika Bloom

Meet Erika Bloom, the Pilates and wellness guru behind some of the East End’s tautest bods.

How did you get your start in the world of wellness?
After becoming injured in my work as a professional dancer, I discovered Pilates as a way to rehabilitate. As I healed and realized how powerful this practice is, I started developing a contemporary method and sharing it with others. My lifelong dedication to holistic health paired naturally with Pilates and led me into the wellness space.

What initially drew you to Pilates in particular?
Not only was Pilates a way for me to recover from injury, but to integrate the holistic modalities that contribute to my overall wellness — mindfulness, breath work, proper alignment and digestion, and more. A contemporary approach to Pilates is one of the most effective ways to retrain the body to work as it was naturally designed.

How did you start your business?
After launching Erika Bloom Pilates out of a shared loft in Manhattan in 2003, the business expanded to a flagship on Madison Avenue three years later. I always maintained a clear focus on client care and the individual experience. The body- and life-changing results that clients experience have sustained the company from the beginning.

The Erika Bloom Studio in East Hampton (Courtesy)

How have you expanded your personal practice since your launch? What types of additional training and education did you pursue?
As a master instructor, business owner, teacher trainer, and mother of two kids, I have crafted a personal practice that supports my busy lifestyle. I fit in a daily Pilates session with one of my instructors, and focus on mindful movement outside of the studio — hikes in Hudson River Valley, sunrise walks through my downtown neighborhood, bike rides along the river — to restore my mental energy. In summer, I dive into new research about the body and movement, dedicating that time to advancing my knowledge so I can bring it into my personal practice and that of my clients.

When did you first discover the Hamptons, and when did you open your studios there?
I bought my first home in the Hamptons in 2011. Our East Hampton studio opened in 2012, and our Water Mill location in 2016. Living and working in the Hamptons provides an invaluable opportunity to mentally and physically reset from life in the city.

How did you end up with a studio in Los Angeles?
Many of our clients are bicoastal. As we are fully dedicated to providing the most comprehensive wellness programs in the market, we follow our clients where they go, even internationally. Our beautiful Brentwood studio provides a haven for clients from all over the country to continue working toward their goals.

Erika Bloom

Erika Bloom (A Wild Dove)

How did motherhood change the scope of your interests?
Becoming a mother inspired me to focus on pre- and postnatal Pilates, as well as provide training on diastasis prevention and correction to other women. Simple, accessible information about the mechanics of the body can empower women to reclaim their core and advocate for themselves throughout the process of birth and mothering. I also now focus on achieving a work/life balance that allows me to spend as much time as possible with my kids.

When you bring new clients into the fold, what kinds of services are made available to them?
When new clients come to our studio, we start by getting a well-rounded understanding of their lifestyle, schedule, and wellness goals in order to build their ideal program and see how we can support them the most. The services available, all of which play an important role in a comprehensive wellness plan, include Pilates, yoga, massage, Rolfing, acupuncture, integration therapy, nutrition counseling, and more.

What are the most common afflictions that your clients are dealing with, and how do you and your team work to combat them?
Clients come to the studio with issues that the majority of people in today’s society are also struggling with — the effects of poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle or working a desk job, injury rehabilitation, aging and osteoporosis, scoliosis, or pregnancy and postpartum conditions. All Erika Bloom Pilates instructors are fully certified in special protocols for these populations, and they work together with our complementary service practitioners to build a road map to health. By focusing on a neutral spine, proper body mechanics, and intentional breathing, the Erika Bloom Method brings bodies back into their natural state of wellness.

The Erika Bloom Studio in Water Mill (Chris Fanning)

How do you like to spend your downtime in the Hamptons?
I spend a great deal of time in the Hamptons with my kids. We explore organic produce stands, swim in the ocean, take bike rides, cook together, and connect with friends and family. I take time to be in nature, reset my circadian rhythm, and downshift from the activity of the city.

What clothing items and accessories will you be living in all summer long?
Ancient Greek sandals, Ulla Johnson blouses, Levi’s jean shorts, Isabel Marant dresses, embroidered canvas bags from Mexico, LNA white tees, Monica Vinader rings, Beyond Yoga high-waisted leggings, Live the Process bras, and Malia Mills swimsuits.

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