Editor’s Pick: TOMS Traveler Shades

by Kristen Heinzinger
TOMS Traveler
TOMS Traveler

TOMS Traveler

WHAT: TOMS Traveler Shades

WHY: While you’re embracing the great outdoors during the sweet summer months, your shades can take quite a beating (like when they double as a headband or slip from their perch on your V-neck). TOMS created the Traveler, a pair of sunnies to endure “outdoor excursions, world travel, and life on the move.” The sunglasses are made from SolaFlex, a material that makes the frame pliable, and therefore durable, without sacrificing style. Plus, the one-for-one ethos also applies to eyewear; each purchase provides a full eye exam for someone in need.

WHERE: Toms.com and TOMS stores, $78

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