Stylist Dianne Garcia Yohannes Brings True Religion Into A New Era

by Eddie Roche

Stylist Dianne Garcia Yohannes, who has dressed Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Mustard, Ella Mai, and Rosalia has a new gig. She’s partnered with True Religion to come on as the creative director for their upcoming Go Figure Campaign, which aims to start a conversation around female empowerment and self expression with a new twist on the aesthetic True Religion is traditionally known for.

“True Religion is such a nostalgic brand for me,” Garcia Yohaannes tells The Daily. “So many of us had a time in our lives when we wore, or wanted to wear, True Religion. I think of all the times my friends and I used to sift through piles of jeans at thrift stores, looking for the golden horseshoe.”

Dianne Garcia

Garcia was inspired by the industry wide movement to be more inclusive when it comes to body types. “As we progress as an industry, it is really important to bring the brands we know and love with us, which was a huge reason I wanted to partner with a brand like True Religion for their Go Figure campaign,” she says. “I wanted to remind everyone how iconic the brand is for all of us, and start a conversation around self expression for real women that we don’t always get to see in campaigns from heritage brands.”

It’s True! The collection comes out today—watch Garcia Yohaannes tell us why she wanted to work with True Religion, below. 

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