David Kind Is Here To Change The Eyewear Game

by Eddie Roche
David Kind

Ready for the next evolution in luxury eyewear? Dave Barton of David Kind has created a personalized specs brand that comes right to your doorstep. Here’s how it works: You sign up at DavidKind.com, send in a few photos of yourself, pick out three frames that you dig, they’ll pick out three frames that they think you’ll dig, send them to your home, and you have six days to pick out the frames that suit you best. Did we mention it’s all free of charge until you decide you want to buy?

It’s a very cool way of experiencing eyewear, versus the offline world where [picking glasses] happens in an office or in a retail location,” Barton tells us. “Nobody gives you three frames to go home with for a week!” Other perks of Barton’s setup: “We send you e-mails throughout the process to help guide you and give you information about our glasses. You can ask our optician questions. It’s the same optician that picked the three frames for you. We get people that say, “I’m having a hard time deciding between these two frames,’ or, ‘What will my face look like in this specific style?’ We’re here to help you.”

Why the online route? “We chose the internet because it gives accessibility to people. It brings this type of experience anywhere,” he says.  The industry veteran’s passion for eyewear is contagious. “You wear [glasses] on your face, so it’s very personal. Eyewear also defines the times,” he explains. “Every decade has a defining eyewear shape. It’s also a fashion item and a medical device. It’s probably the only [medical device] that’s also very fashionable!”

If checking out the line in person is more appealing to you, David Kind is opening their Venice Beach HQ to potential customers to try the glasses on with one of their opticians in their new showroom, just blocks away from the beach. “It’s hard to move away once you’ve experienced it,” Barton says about working near the sea. The same could be said about this ultra-convenient way to get new specs…





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