Cayli Cavaco Reck Brings Knockout Beauty to Bloomingdale’s Soho

by Kristen Heinzinger

When we heard that Cayli Cavaco Reck was bringing her Knockout Beauty concept—a medley of the latest innovations, indie products, and European potions not yet available in the US—to Bloomingdale’s Soho, we were quick to pay a visit. As a bonafide beauty lover, former editor, and personality behind @KnockingonForty (who, we remind you, was raised in the fashion world by her dad, Paul Cavaco, and mom, Kezia Keeble), Reck is beyond a trusted source to dish on products to scoop up. We grilled the pro about her major milestone and, of course, her number-one beauty secret, which she generously divulged. Take it away, Cayli! 

How did Knockout Beauty make its way inside Bloomies?
Bloomingdale’s was the only partner for something like this. It was a total collaboration. Knockout Beauty was just out of the gates when the partnership started, and still in that stage of, ‘Oh my gosh, this is hard, I need to figure it out!’ I was by myself and they were like, ‘We’ve got you, we have your back; you do what you do well and we’ll support it.’ And that was amazing. I’ve always gotten my bras, my underwear, and my beauty at Bloomingdale’s. It felt like I could come here whenever, however; I could be in my sweatpants, I could be decked out, and I always felt really comfortable. I love that. Knockout is about inclusiveness, and I felt like this location, and Bloomingdale’s in general, is about being inclusive.

What’s in the name?
Knocking on Forty sounded a little limiting for a brand. [Laughs] But it kind of grew from that. Originally, I thought I would call it Knockout, not Knockout Beauty, and someone said, Well, I feel like that’s a little agressive. And I was like, That’s so not what it’s about! It’s supposed to be soft and kind of fun and playful.

No kickboxing reference?
No, but it’s funny because the the asset protection manager here is a boxing trainer. I’m doing an Instagram Live and I was like, we definitely have to do a knockout body moment! The boxing thing didn’t even cross my mind—I was thinking more, She’s a knockout!

You’re a champion of indie brands and products that haven’t yet made their way en masse to the US. Can you call out a few of those?
I am deeply committed to the world of Le Crème Beauté , which is nature’s botox. It is phenomenal. It’s pure, organic venom harvested from African honeybees. People are asking if bees have been injured in the process, and in fact, they’ve actually created more apiaries because of the demand. Victoria [Galbraith Wachtel], who created it, is just dear to me. Also, I love, love, love the Meder masks and their concentrates. They’re plant-based, highly active, and they really are results-driven. I’m obsessed with the gold Environ derma roller. That is my beauty secret. I roll my face almost every day—I’ll be 40 in a month and a half! Then we have our internals, which I think is our other point of difference. Catalyst Gold [by Herbalore] is a newer one to the market, though it’s now enjoying some exciting momentum, and Lumity, which has been big in Europe but not here yet. It’s an amazing supplement—as we age, we stop releasing HGH, and it actually helps your body to release it.

What happens to @KnockingonForty after 40?
She’s going to bust down the door of 40! To me, KnockingonForty feels like more of a community and that moment in everyone’s life. I have girls who follow me who are 15, and I have women who follow me who are 70. When you’re knocking on 40, you’ve experienced a certain amount of life. I have two children, I have a business, I’m married. I’ve experienced every type of skin “thing”—I’ve gone through acne, I’ve already started the aging process—or I’m knee deep in it [Laughs]. I’ve tried to be healthy, tried to lose baby weight, tried to have healthy children…it’s a place in life.

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Ellin Saltzman March 8, 2017 - 5:56 PM

Please congratulate Cayli for me
Her Mom, Kezia, was my assistant at Glamour until she became a fantastic editor and fantastic talent
She was a super lady!


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