Barry’s Bootcamp Shakes Things Up with Revamped Fuel Bar

by Kristen Heinzinger

Joey Gonzalez (Photography: Jessica Sample)

Beach season is around the corner! If you’re looking to spice up your #MDW beach bod plan of attack, we have a delicious recommendation: a Barry’s Bootcamp class with a shake on the side. Joey Gonzalez, Barry’s Bootcamp CEO, fills us in on the reinvented Fuel Bar menu, from new shakes and juices to miracle ingredients.

How many shakes are on tap?
We’re offering 14 shakes and three juices served over ice.

What goes into curating a menu that’s strictly shakes?
It’s all about providing variety while managing the balance between personal tastes and specific dietary needs. We worked with a nutritionist to help inform the nutrient-rich content to optimize the power of each shake’s replenishing properties. Additionally, we tapped our instructors, the people who are in the trenches with our clients day in and day out, to inspire various combinations of fresh ingredients based on their personal preferences! 

What’s an ingredient we must start adding to our diet?
Activated charcoal. The new Fuel Bar menu offers this as an add-on to any of our shakes. Charcoal has extensive cleansing benefits. It will help you feel less bloated and energized, which will lead you to make better food choices all day long. 

Which new shakes have already become favorites?
Matcha Made In Heaven, Barry’s & Brunch, and Skinny B*tch. 

Is there a specific shake you created?
It was a total team effort, but I helped create the Muscle Up with Mike Espinoza so that there was an option for people looking to gain mass. 

What are some of your favorite healthy but delicious places to dine around NYC?
Cafe Clover and Siggy’s. We used to eat at Siggy’s after class in NoHo every other day!

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