Badgley Mischka’s Design Duo On Looking Chic In Frigid Temps

by The Daily

We don’t need to remind you that it’s utterly frigid outside, and that warm weather feels eons away. We tapped Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka to share some knowledge on the accessories and outerwear pieces you may want to invest in to chicly make it through this final winter freeze… 

What’s new for Fall 2015?
The Badgley Mischka down coat. It’s functional and warm, yet very feminine and luxurious. Our favorite one has detachable fur mittens.

Any advice on selecting a coat for an evening event?
It depends on the outfit, but overall, simple and classic shapes always work. Personally, we like the idea of wearing a longer tailored coat with a feminine dress underneath.

What’s one of the most glamorous wintertime accessories you offer?
This season we’re introducing a collection of fur collars, hats, and scarves made of fox, mink, and rex rabbit. They’re all extremely glamorous.

What’s the one accessory you’re most excited about this season?
We’ve developed items featuring shimmer effects, which is something very special in accessories. We’ve also used these techniques on evening shawls and cashmere scarves.

How else can women look chic in the winter?
Fur and diamonds…that’s all!

Why do you like designing accessories?
Accessories are such an important part of a women’s fashion. The same outfit can be accessorized with a different scarf, shawl, cape, or hat, and the style becomes completely different and fresh. Add fur to almost any outfit, and it becomes chic and luxurious; add long leather gloves and a cashmere scarf, and you’ve got a completely different look.

What’s your favorite wintertime food?
Anything that’s warm and spicy.

Any exciting news to share this year?
We just celebrated our 25th year in business!



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