Ashley Liz Carves New Pathway For Digital Talents

by The Daily Front Row

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, star personality Ashley Liz Cooper is a social media born talent that is working her way up to major levels of press recognition. Her unapologetic gusto and bad girl vibes has earned her serious looks from Maxim magazine and most recently Ocean Drive, who sat down with her for an exclusive interview.

According to Ashley: “I am extremely authentic with my audience, especially via my Instagram stories.  I like to post videos of my friends and I doing different things and having fun, I also like to share quotes, light-hearted but informative takes on social issues, and even just what clothes I’m wearing.  I like to share as much as possible, without being fake or putting on a show.  Instagram is fun for me and I hope to share the fun side with my viewers versus the “perfect” side of social media. I want my consumers and fans of my content to know me for me and my authentic self.  I also want them to appreciate my creative side and for them to watch me grow.  As I transition more into the modeling world versus Instagram modeling world, I want my followers to truly see my journey for the sake of both entertainment and advice for young girl or boys who may want to lead a similar life.”

What’s unique- and quite frankly game changing about Ashley- is that she’s a star born from the social media world, who due to her rise in it, is now emigrating into high levels of fashion, media, and potentially acting. Her bottom-up trajectory is diametrically opposed to how most stars on social media earn their fame. First they start out as prodigies in their fields and then accumulate a social media audience because of it. Ashley’s career is thus inspiring as it carves a new pathway for aspirational youth who want to take the power into their own hands to build the careers they want, even if they don’t have access to traditional support like managers, agencies, or client productions.

Written by: Thomas Herd
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