An Adieu To Lilly Pulitzer: Print Happy and Adored By Jackie (O.)

by The Daily Front Row

The Palm Beach-based queen of punchy prints, Lilly Pulitzer, died yesterday at the age of 81, to the dismay of wearers and appreciators alike of the preppy designer’s colorful duds. The juicy (literally) origins of the cheery-hued line is kind of irresistible. A recap: the socialite and wife of superwealthy, citrus grove owning hubby (from a major newspaper fam) opened an OJ stand for kicks, wasn’t fond of the stains that ensued from doling out juice, and had her seamstress whip up some fruity-patterned sleeveless shifts to disguise the juice dribbles. Jackie O. was a fan, maybe your aunt Muffy was, too, and with the weather cooperating like this right now, it’s the parfait time to dig out those Lilly duds in her honor. 

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