Alexandre Nour Desjardins Breakout Short Film “Invincible” Gains Traction

by Tom White

The film industry is widely regarded as one of the most difficult fields to break into and have long, storied success. Alexandre Nour Desjardins, an up-and-coming cinematographer, has never been thrown by this before. He has kept moving forward, pursuing his lifelong dream, and has shown that he is just getting started on his path to success.

Alexandre’s background comes from a great love of storytelling and visual aesthetics. He draws inspiration from the visionary films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Wes Anderson, and Robert Zemeckis, influenced by their ability to use film to tell compelling stories and arouse strong emotions.  Alexandre strives to create his own distinct vision for the screen.

Alexandre, equipped with a camera and an endless supply of ideas, began shooting projects in his neighborhood because he wanted to share his experiences with others. He developed his technique and bought equipment with the money he earned from his family’s business, setting the stage for what would turn out to be an incredible filmmaking career.


Alexandre’s talent and effort were not unappreciated. Because of his dedication to his work, he graduated with honors from Concordia University in Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in film production. He co-founded Telescope Films, a platform for producing creative work with his old classmates, as he was eager to work with like-minded people.

However, Alexandre’s rise to prominence was largely due to his work as the cinematographer for the live-action short film INVINCIBLE, which was nominated for an Oscar. The film’s critical praise and international fame were facilitated by his exceptional attention to detail and ability to bring life to every shot.

In light of his experiences, Alexandre highlights the value of teamwork in his creative process. He pushes limits to elevate every project he works on, from commercial projects to art and narrative films. He lives on the synergy between directors and departments.

But there have been obstacles to Alexandre’s success. He struggled with the idea of identity and how cultural upbringing affects artistic expression, but travel and working with artists from other origins gave him comfort. These encounters improved his narrative technique and helped him gain a deeper perspective.


Alexandre has accepted the important lessons he has discovered along the way. To develop creativity and nurture talent, he highlights the value of listening, humility, and organization. These tenets serve as the foundation of his work and direct him as he pushes the limits of visual storytelling.

With high goals and very motivating expectations for the future, Alexandre is adamant about making movies that impact people worldwide, and he aspires to work with imaginative visionaries who feel the same way about the transforming potential of movies.

Alexandre Nour Desjardins’s everlasting passion and tenacity serve as a monument to the resilient spirit of artists everywhere. As he sets his sights on new and exciting endeavors, he consistently surpasses expectations with every production, leaving a lasting impression on the cinema industry and motivating future generations.
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