Adele Broke the First Rule of Dressing for Someone Else’s Wedding

by Charles Manning

Turns out, back in January, Adele planned and officiated the wedding of her good friend, comedian Alan Carr, and his now-husband, Paul Drayton. Of course, in typical Adele style, she kept her involvement in the whole affair very hush-hush. Until today, that is, when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram standing in front of a flower wall and wearing a beautiful floor-length white dress and matching cape. “You know me,” she wrote in the caption, “any excuse to dress up.”

The prohibition against wearing white to someone else’s wedding is one of the oldest rules in the book, but whatever! Style rules are boring anyway and this particular rule is really about not stealing focus from the bride, which isn’t really an issue at a gay wedding. Besides, anyone who allows Adele to officiate their wedding has clearly given up on the idea of being the center of attention.

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