All Aboard! Milly’s Michelle Smith Gives Us the Low-Down on Hamptons Yachting

by The Daily Front Row
Milly’s Michelle Smith is back again with the ultimate Hamptons how-to, this time she takes us out for a ride with her guide on summer yachting. It’s not too late to get your end of summer plans in order, darlings!

YACHT ROCK EDITION! Just like you, I’m a huge fan of the gorgeous, unspoiled Hampton beaches on the ocean side. Now, it’s time to show some serious love to the bay side!

YACHT?!? Don’t be intimidated by my use of the word—there are awesome boats to be chartered in all shapes and sizes, for all budgets. Check out Sag Harbor Charters, Peconic Water Sports, and Sailacat, just to name a few.

CHEAT ON YOUR GLUTEN-FREE DIET Sorry, this isn’t the South of France—most local charters will require you to bring your own food and beverages on board. So be sure to hit up Cromer’s in Sag Harbor to stock your boat with the best fried chicken. The best! And don’t forget to pick up some icy cold beers or maybe some Moët Ice Champagne to wash it down. Don’t worry, you’re not piloting the boat!

WATER SPORTS? YES! Let’s waterski and wakeboard, then sun ourselves on the deck when we’ve exhausted ourselves. Clothing optional, obvi. Maritime law!

CHILLIN’ After some intensely fun water sports, I love cruising by the Elisabeth Morrow National Park and taking in the beautiful, unspoiled views. Refill my glass a bit, lovey? Thanks!

AFTERNOON DELIGHT! Later in the day, take your boat around Shelter Island, then dock at Sunset Beach for a while—enjoy a meal at the restaurant, people-watch, play in the sand…you’re feeling really relaxed, right about…now!

SUNSET LOVIN’ As you head home, all sun-kissed with salty hair, take in the beautiful sunset over the bay. Pure Hamptons heaven.

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