12 Chicsters Confess the Worst Gifts They’ve Ever Received

by The Daily Front Row

Straight from the pages of The Daily Holiday is our list of the worst gifts ever received. Mods, A-listers, and the fashion elite confess! Consider these tips for what not to give this holiday season…

“Earrings from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. You feel awkward because you can’t wear something that you hate! I told him I didn’t like them. The beauty of life when you are close enough with each other is that you can tell the truth.” Constance Jablonski, model


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“A pair of neon pink tights! And I wasn’t even that young…I was like 15!” —Misha Nonoo, designer


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“My grandmother gave me a French/English translation dictionary for Christmas when I was 6. My sister got a camera, and I got a dictionary. I was like, okay, you’re broadcasting it loud and clear.” —Mackenzie Davis, actress


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“Well, I can’t say that…because my husband [Harvey Weinstein] will never speak to me again!” —Georgina Chapman, designer, Marchesa


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“I feel bad because gifts are always good even if they suck…but probably socks, or something like that. Thanks, Mom!” —Taylor Hill, model


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“I was dating this guy and it was right before Christmas, and I said, ‘Let’s just not get each other anything.’ And he was like, ‘I wouldn’t even dare get you anything to wear!’ So then he buys me a ring. It was terrible. It was also enormous, so I was like, ‘How fat do you think my fingers are?’ It didn’t fit on any of them, not even my thumb!” Carly Cushnie, designer, Cushnie et Ochs

“So many to choose from! A gift is always welcome, but I think it’s hard to buy for someone in fashion. I once received a history-of-fashion book, and I was just like, this is kind of the last thing I want. That’s my daily life. And I already had the book! Double whammy.” —Michelle Ochs, designer, Cushnie et Ochs


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“My birthday is the 24th of December, so I’m already spoiled at Christmas. I get so many presents around the holidays!” —Daphne Groeneveld, model


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“I got a chicken once from one of my sister’s friends! I put it on a farm in Byron Bay, Australia.” Jordan Barrett, model


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“A cat! You can’t just give someone an animal like that and expect them to take it. I had to return it and find it another home. It was crazy.” Nicola Formichetti, creative director, Diesel


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“A box of oranges.” Lineisy Montero, model


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“I got a surge protector. There’s nothing worse than getting a wrapped surge protector. You’re just like, oh, it’s come to that…not chic, not fun, not anything. Purely functional.” —Meghan Markle, actress


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Amanda December 22, 2015 - 7:05 AM

And not about the worst, but about the most surprising gift that I ever received – it was… star from the sky… And it was bought in Kingdom of Universe 😉


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