DreamDry Salon Blows Flatiron District Away

by The Daily Front Row

Move over, Drybar! There’s a new salon in town: DreamDry in the Flatiron, founded by Rachel Zoe and former CAA superagent Robin Moraetes. Fed up with expensive blowouts that never fluffed quite right, the duo vowed to give their clientele the blowouts they’ve always dreamed of. Introducing “Blowdry 2.0”! Not only does your stylist greet you: a personal iPad awaits your arrival, which is yours during your salon stint to catch up on your favorite magazines and to catalogue your personal hair profile. Apparently, DreamDry isn’t just a salon; it’s a destination. Intrigued? Let’s find out just how Moraetes (co-)birthed this beauty baby!

How did DreamDry arise?
 [Zoe] and I are obviously very into our hair. I spent the last 10 years getting blowouts for meetings and events! We could never figure out the perfect place to get the blowout where it was consistent and you knew what you were going to get. Our issues were that we either had to go to a salon and do it and you never knew if you could get in. Plus, it’s pricey and takes forever! You want to have a relationship with the person who is doing your hair. The two of us sat down and started talking about what we would do to create the ultimate destination and DreamDry was born.

What makes it the ultimate destination? 
You can book by person and not just by time slot. We’re the first salon that offers a loyalty program so we give one point for every dollar spent, which no one else is doing right now. You get double point deals on your birthday and your DreamDry anniversary. We also do special deals throughout the week. You can use the points to buy treatments for blowouts, or even use them to rent out the VIP room for a party.

How does technology play a role at the salon?
One thing that I noticed and really like when I go into a business establishment is being able to personalize your experience and one of the things that we really wanted to do here is be tech-savvy. We’re paperless: we do everything electronically!

Come again?
All our magazines are on the iPads and we also wanted to create a way for you to track your styles as you go. The dossier is a way for you as a customer to track who your appointment was with, what your style looked like, what style you got, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and even what the weather was like outside. You log in, and only you can see it and make notes. 

Since you’re a hair expert, what did you think of the Oscar looks?
Loved! Obviously, I’ve got to say Reese Witherspoon was one of my favorites. She was rocking the “Veronica.” Jennifer Lawrence’s “Audrey” updo was also stunning. 

Will we see DreamDry on the Rachel Zoe Project?
You will…

Did it take convincing to get you to do reality TV?
I was fine in front of the camera because I’m very passionate about the project and what we’re doing together so it kind of came naturally to me. Rachel, Roger and I had a good.

Where can we expect other DreamDry locations to pop up?
The next one will be in a few months on 57th St. between 7th and 8th Aves., across from Hearst Tower.

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