Trunfio's Triumph

by The Daily Front Row

She’s not just another gorgeous face. Model (and total sweetheart) Nicole Trunfio recently launched her ‘Universe Collection’ for her Trunfio Jewerly line and invited us to her TriBeCa showroom to show us what she’s been up to in her “spare” time. The verdict? Start that Nicole Trunfio savings account, loves. The native Australian tells us about the bracelets and if her mod days are fini.

Congrats on the launch!
The whole line is based around this bracelet, which is the new charm bracelet for the modern woman.  Basically, it’s a solid metal rose gold, platinum or silver bracelet, which you lock with a charm. The charm is solid metal as well, shaped like a pyramid, pave-diamond heart, a pave pyramid, or a quartz stone. Those charms will evolve as the collection evolves.

Are the bracelet and the charms sold separately?
Yes, but we do sell the traditional classic as one. There’s a really big range on what you can afford; you can mix and match them. You can have a silver bracelet with a gold top if you can’t afford the whole thing [in gold] at that time. Later, as you build your collection, you can really play with it.  

You’re still going to model?
Absolutely. My agency IMG has been really supportive of this from the get-go. These days models aren’t just models. You always have what your signature thing. I happen be extremely creative, and I’m an entrepreneur, so I have a jewelry line. Last year was one of my best years modeling. It just continues to get better. For something that’s meant to have a five year shelf-life, that’s pretty good! I have a team to help me to sustain this while I’m away working on assignments.

Are you investing in the line personally?
Yes. I did have a lot of business opportunities come my way from a lot of people that wanted to be involved.  The reason I’m doing this is because I need a creative outlet, because I love working with my hands, because I am a trades person. I come from a family of tradesmen. It’s in my blood. With modeling, I’ve been successful so I have property, I’ve made great investments and I was like OK, I’m 26 years old, let me take a risk on myself now. It’s expensive to start a company, and it takes a lot of investments, but it’s also something that in the long run will get the biggest payback if it works. I have great people around me that have been giving me advice and supporting the idea. Doing it myself seemed like the way to go. I’m not dumb. I’m curious! When you’re curious, you never stop learning. All the people I work with teach me every single day. It’s a growing process and adds to the charm of it.

Was appearing in the campaign a given?
I didn’t originally want to be in my campaign. I originally shot someone else. Then everyone told me I needed to be in my own campaign. Months later we were shooting in Russell James’ house in Woodstock.  I wanted to create a very strong image that was high fashion but consumer friendly. Then we had an advertising agency do up the ad, which happened very quickly.

What’s the deal with your digital presence?
Online is basically for our customers to have an experience of going to the site, explore the jewelry, and seeing the collection. On Facebook, we have a lot of uploads and stuff on a daily basis, of what’s going on with the company. It’s also about me working in the studio. We’re not selling online now, but you can make an appointment to visit our shop on Reade Street.

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