Social Media Sensation And Popular Golfer Grace Charis Shares Great Tips On How To Land The Perfect Put

by Amir Bakian

With hundreds of thousands of views and impressions on her social media content and over 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone, plus close to 3 million on TikTok, along with an influential YouTube and Snapchat channel, Grace Charis is undoubtedly one of the youngest and most successful golf influencers in the industry today.

When it comes to golfing, Grace knows how to swing her club. But it took her a couple of years of consistent practice and training to reach where she is today, where she’s become an inspiration to others looking to get their game on.

Across her social media accounts, the blond beauty has tons of videos showing how much fun she has every time she gets on the golf course. She also demonstrates how easy it can be to swing a club and put a ball, and she often shares exciting tips to help her teeming fans and admirers get the hang of the game.

And it isn’t just about holding a club and swinging; it’s also about the finesse and class brought to the game; it’s about the elegance and beauty behind every movement, and that’s why watching Grace play or teach golf is so refreshing to her followers.


In many of her viral videos online, the golfing sensation is seen sauntering across the golf course like a proud icon, all smiles and all cheers. It’s an enchantment to behold as she swings a bat here, sending the ball soaring away into the horizon.

The great thing about her content is that it isn’t just about the fun Grace is having. She’s using those videos as educational tools to inspire and teach her fans the basics to get them started. That is why she is wont to throw in small quips amidst taking her swings as she talks through the process and the progress she’s made to that point.

According to Grace, finding herself balling as a golf influencer isn’t surprising. After all, she’s got a thing for the game from high school.

When she decided to take golf more seriously and get the training she required, she was already active on social media. So it was natural to bring her golf skills to onboard and incorporate them into her social media career. The final result was the icing on the cake.

With the eye-catching profile she’s built for herself in the content creation industry and her adult-themed photos and video skits, Grace has won millions of followers across her various social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Aside from being famous as a golfer, Grace Charis is among the most creative females to grace the sport. For Grace, having a good time is important; she enjoys herself on the golf course. There’s no denying the fact when you check out her unique videos and skits on any of her social media accounts: the music, the vibes, and the energy that comes through.

Born in Newport Beach, California, Grace has become a model of inspiration, helping other young women discover themselves, be happy, and be comfortable with themselves. Essentially, Grace Charis, embodies inspiration and simplicity, living life on her terms and doing the thing that makes her happy and feels rewarded.

Today, with a thriving career as a golf influencer, model, and content creator, there’s no doubt that Grace is living her dreams and couldn’t be happier for the things she’s been able to accomplish in her life within so short a time. This is what she represents, and she’s taking no prisoners. In the final analysis, that’s the whole point of life: just being you and being unique.

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