How Kayla-Rose Gibson Became One of Australia’s Top 100 TikTok Creators in Less Than a Year

by Tom White

Although growing up in Western Australia, 22-year-old content creator Kayla-Rose Gibson embodies the American dream. She has successfully amassed more than 1.1 million followers and entered this stratosphere — recognized as one of Australia’s top 100 most followed creators — less than one year after her first upload. She has since signed with TikTok as one of the top live streamers in the country and was named Global Brand Ambassador for the viral Roblox game Piñata Smashlings.  

In her first year as a content creator, Gibson has been invited to the prestigious Australia TikTok Awards and has begun to live the life of dreams —traveling the world and experiencing life through her unique lens. However, it is essential to realize that before this success, life was not quite this way for Gibson. 

Born the last child of six in a small town, Gibson initially discovered a love for dancing while relatively young. Adolescence, however, found a way to ground her passion, realizing that she would have to prioritize making ends meet instead of following her dreams of being a dancer. Ditching her dreams to be more “realistic,” Gibson turned her focus to her studies and started down the road to criminology and justice.  

The future star would pass the time between academics as many people do, scrolling through social media. She found many people breaking into their careers here via the hot new app, TikTok. Watching people essentially live their dreams by doing such things as dancing inspired Gibson, though she found it nearly impossible as a young girl in a small town. Eventually, however, she decided not to let negativity stifle her inspiration. 

Gibson witnessed her family, roommates, and everyone around her chasing their dreams. Watching others inspired her to leave her criminology and justice studies, which she had no passion for, behind and pursue what she truly loves. In early 2023, Gibson took an incredible leap of faith and spent the next couple of months struggling and grinding on social media, working day in and day out, experimenting and learning the industry. But by month three, Gibson’s hard work began steadily paying off, growing her subscription count to over 100,000. 

Over the last year, Gibson has become an absolute social media powerhouse, taking over the Australia Top Creator charts. As a top livestreamer and trendsetter, she has gone above and beyond being a top-performing creator in Australia, effectively breaking records left and right with jaw-dropping speed. Gibson has acquired over 150 million views in less than a year, attracting 150,000+ Instagram followers and 250,000 Snapchat subscribers.  

Kayla-Rose Gibson’s presence, which is only growing exponentially, has taken multiple social media platforms by storm, making her the fastest-growing Australian creator you need to know about. Gibson’s fantastical social media success has proven that it pays to follow your dreams so long as you are willing to put the work in and take the necessary risks. 

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