Meet Rhode Resort — Masterminds Behind the Summer’s Best Dresses

by Ashley Baker

You’ve been ogling their as-seen-on-Instagram dresses all summer — now, meet Rhode Resort designers (and former college roommates) Phoebe Vickers and Purna Khatau and get the scoop on their new capsule collection for, which launches today.

You’ve been around since 2014, but you’re everywhere this summer—Net-a-Porter, Kirna Zabête, Matches Fashion…what’s happening? 
Phoebe: It’s been a good summer so far for us! We are really pleased with the response to the brand, and I think it’s greatly due to our customers being very enthusiastic and spreading the word, grassroots-style. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have great partners such as MATCHESFASHION.COM that have really helped the visibility of the brand.

You’re based in Los Angeles, but designed for the global traveler in mind. What’s the concept behind the collection?
Phoebe: The concept is to always have a complete getaway wardrobe within your reach, wherever that getaway may be. We’re trying to create wardrobe that feels timeless, is free of fuss, and feels playful but is still totally sophisticated. We work hard to make our prints special and our color palettes just right so our customers can trust in the brand time and time again. Essentially, the concept is to make happy clothes to enjoy your life in!

Why are your pieces so travel-friendly?
Phoebe: Because they’re versatile. One customer posted a photo of our Lena robe dress on the beach in Bali; the next evening, she wore it as a dress to an extremely lavish wedding. Each piece is made to make you ready for whatever adventures may come your way—expected or unexpected.

How many styles are currently in the collection, and how do you hope to expand it?
Phoebe: It varies depending on season, but the Resort ’19 collection we just showed is our largest yet, with about 30 styles offered in various new prints and fabrications. At the moment, we are developing some ideas for shoes and bags, and have visions for expanding in to multiple categories down the line as we do view ourselves as a true lifestyle brand. We love animals and we love our dogs, so home and dog beds may not be that far off!

What’s the story with your Matches capsule?
Phoebe: When the MATCHESFASHION.COM team approached us with the opportunity to create a unique summer capsule collection for them and their customers we jumped at the opportunity. The theme is a tropical party! Our prints are a bit of a giveaway there…

Where are you traveling this summer…and what pieces will you be wearing?
Phoebe: I’ll be heading with friends to Costa Brava which is the Northeast coast of Spain and one of my favorite places in the world. I will basically pack a ton of different Ella dresses—solids..prints..all of them! They are amazing in hot weather and in strong sun, as you feel protected but totally cool and breezy. I’ll literally wear an Ella hiking to a hidden beach, then straight in to a cocktail lounge in town.

Purna: I’ll be sailing around Corsica and Sardinia with my family and some close friends. Heaven! My current favorite style that I’ll be packing in all colors is the Sitara robe dress—totally versatile and easy.

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