Obsessions, Discussed! With Michelle and Mika

by The Daily Front Row

On Tuesday night Milly’s Michelle Smith hosted a Grace Outreach event at her store located on Madison and 73rd Street. (By the way, be sure to check out Milly in East Hampton!) The event celebrated Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinksi’s new book, Obsessed, and brought out Julie Macklowe, Zang Toi, Sharon Bush, and Gillian Miniter. In a nutshell, the compelling read tells the story of the power of friendships among women and focuses on living in the moment. While guests mixed and mingled, we sat down with pals Michelle and Mika and caught their summer plans and obsessions…

What are the essential colors for any girl’s summer wardrobe?
I love coral; it looks good on anyone! Oh, and aqua!

What are your summer plans, ladies?
I’ll be spending some time in the Hamptons, doing weekends here and there. I’m a working girl, after all!
I have an amazing trip with my daughter planned to London for July 4th weekend. Then we’re going to Sweden to visit my brother; he’s the U.S. Ambassador there.

What are your summer musts?
The beach. I have to go to the beach! Any beach!
I must wear a Milly sundress. I’m serious! Michelle and I have the same sentiment when it comes to clothes…fun, vintage-y, sexy, colorful, and playful. A little bit frivolous and always sexy.

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