A New High Fashion Children’s Line is Born: Livanna

by Sydney Sadick

Children might grow out of their clothes before the seasons end, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t pay top dollar to dress their tots in style. Meet Melissa Flores, the founder of a precious new children’s clothing line Livanna (the brand officially launches today), who gives us the scoop on why she decided to make her official foray into design. 

Why did you think the world needed Livanna?
I had the idea to start a children’s clothing company right after the birth of my first child, Livanna. I’ve always been involved and interested in fashion and I loved discovering all of the different options offered for babies. I did, however see a void in the market—children’s clothing that could be purchased efficiently and easily, but was also of the highest quality. Livanna carries clothing for newborns up to 18 months and toddlers ages 2 to 4.

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What items will we find?
You’ll find high-quality and stylish clothing that is easily accessible. I wanted to create a clothing line every parent could trust to be of the best quality and could also be delivered to our customers’ doors with the click of a mouse.

What were you doing before you started Livanna?
I studied at La Chambre Syndical de la Couture Parisienne in Paris and received a degree in fashion design. I also spent some time traveling, which in turn inspired a lot of my designs. I am also the mother of four children, which takes up a lot of my time!

Is the line really made up of all cashmere?
The line is made of 100 percent cashmere! I chose this because of the delicate nature of a baby’s skin. I wanted to use a fabric that was soothing and warm but also lightweight.

Are there trends in childrens-wear like there are for adults?
I personally like to keep my babies’ clothes limited to what I know they love to wear and what they’re comfortable in rather than following the current trends. The best kind of apparel can continue to get passed down among siblings, lasting through the years—both in a fashion and durability sense. That aspect of timelessness is what makes for quality clothing.

Are you as big a shopper for your children as you are for yourself?
I have four children—8 months and 2, 7, and 8. My love for shopping for my children is in a sense what brought Livanna to life—I wanted to create more options for myself and other mothers to choose from.

Are you a believer in matching mother-daughter outfits?
My main concern is making sure my children are comfortable, and that’s not always the case when trying to coordinate outfits. Actually, I’m very interested in the difference between the whimsical, unique designs in baby-wear and the more structured styles you’ll see in adult fashion. In fact, it’s that contrast that I like the most!

Who’s children’s style are you loving right now?
I’m a huge fan of Jaime King. I love how she dresses her babies for comfort, but keeps style in the mix with interesting prints and shapes.

How will you celebrate your launch?
I’m celebrating with my family. I’ve been looking forward to the launch for so long and this seemed a fitting tribute!

Are you working on any other projects?
In addition to my interest in fashion, I have deep philanthropic roots in my community in Mexico. Giving back, in big and small ways, has been a passion of mine since childhood. I’m currently part of a program that gives underprivileged locals in Mexico City an opportunity to further their education, providing them with school supplies, food, and educational resources at no cost. I hope that in the future we’ll be able to integrate a philanthropy aspect into Livanna.

What’s next?
Livanna’s spring collection will include pieces made from organic cashmere, organic cotton, and Merino wool. As a brand, we want to provide babies with what’s best for them and for the planet. For now, the line will be sold exclusively on the website: www.livanna.com. Prices range from $75 for accessories and up to $389 for cashmere blankets.

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