Model Laura Jacques On the Current State of the Industry and Future Dreams

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Fashion is one of few industries that is actually female dominated, with females representing 78 percent of all models, according to Zippia. The industry can be extremely competitive, so it requires an extremely headstrong and confident person to be successful. Model Laura Jacques is a great example of someone who has taken what made them insecure as a child and turned it into the thing that makes them confident. “Growing up, I was always the tall, lanky kid,” she explained. “I got involved in every single sport I could imagine to avoid being tall for nothing.”

Jacques then took to modeling to explore opportunities that would highlight her physical build and unique features. She began attending open calls around 15 years old, and she was scouted by a big agency her first year. She is now represented by Select Model Management, one of Miami, Florida’s top modeling agencies.“Growing up, I never found myself to be beautiful,” said Jacques. “But everyone else did, so I just played my part in front of the lens and started to find myself as an art. It just felt great to think something positive about myself and to participate in someone’s vision by turning it into life.” Some of her favorite models include Anok Yai and Sora Choi because they are both leading the industry amongst the pack.

The modeling and fashion industry is constantly evolving, and one of the biggest shifts the industry has seen lately is the incorporation of social media. “With social media becoming a pivotal factor in the industry, I would say this current state isn’t my favorite,” said Jacques. “However, it definitely has progressed in the sense of inclusivity, and it’s so beautiful to see.” Jacques was born and raised in Miami, and is of Haitian descent.

If she were born in any decade, Jacques would love to be born in the seventies, “just to experience the coming years of the fashion world without all the extra pressure of what comes with the internet today,” she explained. “And the era of OG supermodels — that energy just isn’t around anymore, or it is hard to find.” Looking to the future, Jacques plans to continue modeling alongside studying psychology, and she would love to earn a doctorate degree one day. To keep up with all of Jacques’ adventures, follow along on her Instagram here.

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