Men’s Fitness Folds Into Men’s Journal

by Kristen Heinzinger
Men's Journal

Men's Journal

Breaking news for Men’s Fitness subscribers! The glossy is folding its print subscriptions into its fellow men’s-centric publication, Men’s Journal, meaning a new title will land in your mailbox. Ultimately, Men’s Journal’s circulation will increase to 1.25 million (from the subscribers absorbed from Men’s Fitness), and will print 12 issues a year with an extra 50 pages of editorial focusing on adventure, travel, and gear.

But this is not the end of Men’s Fitness—it will still function as a digital title and is expected to introduce “proprietary ad technologies” and an OTT experience in 2018, American Media Inc. said in a statement. As for a temperature check on Men’s Health? In an interview with the New York Times, AMI CEO David J. Pecker had said he will pursue the mag “very aggressively.”

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