MASK UP: MEO Leads The Way As Masks Become Everyday Fashion

by Amir Bakian

Over the last year, face masks have become common sight as the world deals with an unprecedented pandemic. With a plethora of designs and options available, one of the more popular front runners is the MEO face mask from New Zealand. Dubbed the world’s most innovative face mask, the mask filters are made from sheep’s wool, and boast some fashionable designs spotted everywhere from Fashion week in New York to the streets of Tokyo. It is not only the pandemic that is causing the exponential rise in sales of face masks. Aside from being a COVID-19 primary safety precaution, face masks work to filter out air pollution. Though air pollution has long been identified as an alarming problem in the world for many years now, it is only now that people are taking it seriously in line with the virus that is now airborne.

Introducing MEO Face Masks
Due to the pandemic, times have drastically changed. For instance, people are now required to wear a mask everywhere they go. Whenever they leave the safety of their houses, protection must be a priority. As such, face masks are in extremely high demand. At a certain point, there was even a shortage of mask supplies. Companies had to improvise and quickly create their own designs. The creation of MEO face masks acts as a timely and relevant solution to mask shortage. Even with various face mask designs and features out in the market, MEO face masks have an edge that wearers can most definitely appreciate.

Advantages over other masks
A standard surgical mask was already able to serve the purpose of protecting you from airborne contaminants. However, in light of recent events, this type of face mask was labeled as insufficient protection. Specific allergens and pathogens were still able to penetrate get through. This finding paved the way for the creation of the MEO face mask. After being introduced to the public as an anti-pollution face mask, the MEO face mask has been labeled as the world’s most groundbreaking anti-pollution mask, mainly because it features a revolutionary feel and cutting-edge design advantages. Its wool filter minimizes the risk of moisture clogging the material itself. Unlike other masks, the MEO face mask comes from lightweight materials. The design makes it more truly breathable, an aspect that most mask types lack.

Unique features of the MEO face mask
This air-filtering face mask represents New Zealand’s best qualities. For one, people can use this every day, given its very soft materials and the mask’s ability to worn comfortable even in hot temperatures. You would, without a doubt, feel the difference and comfort the MEO mask brings. Also, there are distinguishable features that you could recognize right away. Face type is one consideration, and the MEO face mask has a V-shaped contour. As it is elastic, the material is adjustable to the preference of the wearer. It also comes with a bacteria filtration and utilizes all-natural elements, which makes it hypoallergenic. Face masks are even becoming a fashion trend nowadays. Given the many designs and elements they come in, it is noteworthy to stand out from the competition. With the vision of improving the health of millions of people, MEO face masks are on the right track to resolving the immediate problem of the pandemic now and air pollution in the future.

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