Why Portland Leather Goods Has Become America’s Favorite Leather Goods Brand

by Amir Bakian

High-quality leather in fashion makes you look instantly chic, whether it’s a tote, a jacket, a pair of shoes, or a purse. It’s no wonder leather has become a stylish staple for fashion houses across the world. Aside from elevating your look, leather also has a reputation for durability. Few leather goods brands can boast about balancing style and quality in their craftsmanship, but Portland Leather Goods (PLG) shows why they’ve become America’s favorite.

Portland Leather Goods (PLG) is based in Portland, Oregon. It started in a garage with only an X-ACTO knife and a scrap of leather but was driven by the passion of several gifted artists. Portland Leather Goods makes hand-crafted tote bags, purses, leather journals, backpacks, and other high-quality leather products from beautiful full-grain leather.

Besides dedicating themselves to providing their customers with quality goods, Portland Leather Goods also offers unparalleled customer service. They built a production studio in León, Mexico, a strategic location that enables them to be closer to the award-winning tanneries they work with. The proximity reduces their lead time and gives them access to the highest quality hides. PLG takes pride in sourcing its hides from the byproducts of the US beef industry, which means rigorous quality control right from the source and prevents millions of square feet of leather from ending up in American landfills.

Their material is top-notch, and PLG is proud to partner with award-winning, eco-friendly tanneries. Each step meets the highest standards for eco-forward practices. Style and craftsmanship are at the core of their production—this is just one of the many factors that make PLG an industry leader. Combined with their affordable prices, no one does it better!

Their commitment to providing their customers with quality goods is evident in the thousands of positive reviews that they’ve received in such a short time. With over 100,000 5-star reviews, 50,000 plus insiders, and thousands of users participating in their online community, it's no wonder that PLG has become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. By making affordable, classic, quality bags that not only look good but are also practical and durable, PLG appeals to a wide range of leather lovers: from travelers to multitasking moms, from students to professionals, and from the fashion-forward to quality experts.

Portland Leather Goods was also recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing fashion brands of 2022 by similarweb.com, placing 8th globally, just one spot behind celebrity-driven brands like Skims. In the future, Portland Leather Goods and its sister brand, Patina, plan to expand into apparel and accessories and continue its tradition of making high-quality, classically-designed products from premium leather that will last a lifetime. Their dream is to continue being recognized as a renowned brand that values its customers.

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