Kim Dammer is breaking stigmas attached to models

by Thomas Herd

Kim Dammer is aware of her allure and the doors it opens, but she doesn’t let that define her. For Kim, modeling is not about the looks but the energy you emanate and the connections you create with people, both on and off-set. Her goal is not to perpetuate beauty standards but to inspire people to live healthier, more joyful lives.  Born in Oberhausen, Germany, on February 25, 2000, Kim is the only child of a humble Polish family. She grew up in the countryside –which she describes as paradise– with strong family values. Her parents taught her the importance of treating everyone with kindness and how everything is possible if you put in the work. Kim didn’t always have everything she wanted, making her more resilient and down-to-earth. She was bullied in school, but instead of feeling like a victim, she has turned adversity into growth. “They bullied me because I was breakable, so I chose to become strong.” She says.

Amongst other things, Kim is passionate about music, sports, and photography. She sings and likes to keep her creative mind at work. Kim thought about becoming a photographer but ended up at the other side of the camera, a job she greatly enjoys. “I’m proud of my modeling career because I did it myself.” Asserts Kim. As an only daughter, she likes attention and wants to make the best of being in the spotlight. Having a big audience is an opportunity to spread a good message, and that’s what she wants to do.  In 2018, Kim participated in the show Germany’s Next Top Model, which she left over contractual issues. However, media sources made it look like she left because her boyfriend at the time didn’t let her be in the show. The experience made her aware of some of the trappings in the profession. In an industry driven by appearances, Kim wants to highlight the importance of vulnerability. “It’s not perfection but progress that we should strive for.” States Kim. Instead of making comparisons and fishing for the opinions of others, Kim believes people should focus on themselves. She wants to promote a more integral approach to life. “Many people in this line of work are always looking for the next experience because they don’t want to go home. They party, but they are not really celebrating.” She adds. Kim wants to endorse genuine friendships, humility, and an attitude of non-judgment.  Since she was a child, Kim has been chasing the American Dream. She wants to build a business. Kim and her fiancé are working a membership yacht club focused on health, wellness, and building community. She wants to motivate people to have a wholesome good time. “partying is not the only fun way to be around people.” She claims.  Kim always keeps her origins in mind. A family-driven person, she’s looking for a stable life and career. She doesn’t know exactly when, but she plans to settle in Miami with her future husband. One of her favorite phrases is “Trust the timing of your life.” And that’s what she’s doing.

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