Kiehl’s New Dehydration Analyzer Tool, Decoded

by Paige Reddinger

Do you know the difference between whether your skin is dry or dehydrated? Dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water. Even oily skin can be dehydrated. Kiehl’s new dehydration analyzer tool can tell you at what percentage your skin is dehydrated through “bio-electric impedance technology”, which sends a current through the surface layers of the skin to measure the water level by detecting the resistance to the current.

We tried out the new technology, which is available in Kiehl’s retail stores and department store counters, at the brand’s Meatpacking location at 400 West 14th Street. The results? Surprising! We scored a 35 percent, which meant our skin was “somewhat hydrated”. Let’s just say after this brutal winter, that came as a bit of a shock. Although, we swear by Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate so maybe that was already helping…It’s their number one product for a reason, darlings. The scale goes like this: A reading of 0 to 30 percent means the skin is very dehydrated; 31 to 50 percent means it is somewhat hydrated; and anything 51 percent and above means the skin is hydrated or very hydrated. However, we were told by the store manager that he hasn’t had a customer yet that has scored above 34 percent.

Before a customer is given a reading by the dehydration analyzer tool, a Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Check helps identify what kind of skin you have. It varies from person to person, and each area of the face varies as well. After the reading, a Kiehl’s professional will sit down with you to tailor a regimen of products according to your unique reading and skincare needs. We came away with what felt like an encyclopedic new knowledge of our own skin and beauty regimen. The verdict? Highly recommended, if you’re looking for ways to renew your skin after this winter’s brutal polar vortex. Step into spring with a fresh face!

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