In Conversation With Image Consultant Mena Garcia

by DN News Desk

Sometimes one person does so many things that it seems like they must have extra hours in the day. This is the case for model and image consultant Mena Garcia. She’s currently juggling a wide range of products and projects that she can’t wait to get out into the world.

What does an image consultant do?
Image consultants help improve their client’s image through appearance, behavior, and communication. How someone looks and holds themselves can have a huge impact on how they’re perceived, whether they’re interviewing for a job, meeting an important client, or asking for a raise at work. I specialize in color, which means I can help people figure out what colors, shades, and intensities go with their skin, hair, and eyes. There are shades of every color that flatter different people, so I never tell my clients that they can never wear a certain color again. I’ve helped a great deal of clients improve how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them through my work.

How long have you been modeling?
In addition to my work as an image consultant, I’ve been a model since I moved to New York City right after high school. I’m a scuba diving instructor, so one of my specialties is underwater modeling. I really feel like a mermaid, living my best life while I model underwater. I do my own makeup, hair, and nails because I feel passionately about being able to sustain myself on my own.

Tell us about your upcoming vegan products.
I’ve been a vegetarian from a young age, and I absolutely love animals. I want to create a brand and magazine that focuses on vegan products, including clothing and makeup. People need to see that you don’t need to be a hippie to care about the well-being of animals. Some products like cookies and perfume have animal products in them, which you wouldn’t expect. I want my cosmetic line to be completely vegan and not tested on animals.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love scuba diving; I never plan to stop doing it. I’ve also been very into stock trading apps lately. When I’m at a modeling shoot, I’ll check my phone between breaks to look at how my stocks are doing. I can’t get enough!

If you’re interested in changing your image, consider finding an image consultant like Mena Garcia. She can change your look and make you more confident in only a small time.

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