Details On This Saturday’s Glam Hive Summit

by Eddie Roche

Stylist Tara Swennen and some of her peers are back this weekend with the 2nd Glam Hive Summit featuring designers, stylists, top stylists, makeup artists, and hairstylists sharing their industry expertise. Swennen  tells us how you can tune in and what’s in store.

What’s the Glam Hive Summit?
The Glamhive summit is an all-day ticketed digital experience that will feature 32 panels and over 100 speakers including industry professionals, stylists, beauty experts, designers, and influencers leading group discussions, master classes and tutorials on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to beauty and style.

How did you get involved?
At the onset of COVID-19, Stephanie Sprangers and I wanted to come up with a real time solution to help artists who were out of work for the foreseeable future with no red carpets, productions at a halt and designers whose businesses had been affected by the changing times. Once we found success in the first summit in May, we decided to expand to our glam fam and include hair stylists, makeup artists and beauty experts!

Who is participating and what are some of the topics?
Topics include The Future We Choose, Representation in Fashion, Sustainability, Women in Fashion, Breaking into Beauty, The Future of Fashion, and more. Speakers include Christian Siriano, Tracey Reese, Victor Glemaud, Scott Studenberg, Chloe Gosselin, Laurel Berman, Christian Juul Nielsen, and more. (See all HERE.)

How can people watch it? How much is it?
The summit is live this Saturday, July 11th on, but the content will remain up and available for one full year. Tickets can be bought at any time on The tickets range from $35.00 with promo codes to support specific artists, these generally found on their Instagram feeds, $99.00 for full day access- again at $79.00 with panelist’s promo codes, and $149.00 for full day access and gift bag from an assortment of our sponsors!

Are you donating any of the proceeds?
15% of all ticket sales will be donated to the NAACP.

Have things picked up for you a bit styling?
I got a call for my first styling job this week actually! I will drop all of the clothes off to my client and she will dress herself on set! I am thrilled that hopefully things will be picking up again soon!

How has the pandemic changed your job?
I pivoted immediately due to the lack of work and that is in fact how these summits came about! It has been a wonderful experience bringing our community together to help each other out while helping support others as well!

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