The Eye Travels’ Samantha Angelo Launches Facial Masks

by Eddie Roche

We all know (I hope!) that facial mask wearing is incredibly important when outside of the home these days and finding the right mask to wear has become the summer’s fashion project. The Eye Travels’ Samantha Angelo is doing her part to add a little chic to the task with the launch of her own line of masks for women, men, and children.

“Making masks has allowed me to connect with people across the country and it’s been like medicine for me during the last two months,” Angelo says. “Being able to bring a little joy through a beautiful mask, and the conversations and feedback has been so rewarding. When I designed the masks I wanted them to be something that people could look forward to wearing as much as possible. And after talking to so many people on social media about current events and all that is happening, many people don’t want to have to wear a mask, and I understand, it’s hard to breathe and you can get dehydrated. So influencing people to wear them and continue to wear them is so important.”

She’s creating the masks with high quality fabrics such as Alumo Swiss Cotton and Liberty London Cotton in styles such as denim, gingham, floral, seersucker, houndstooth, stripes, polka dots, and hearts and stripes. The design of her masks creates a bubble around the nose and mouth, making it optimal for moving your lips and speaking without the interference of fabric.

Angelo is also offering a flat rate same-day delivery service in the Hamptons or through her Etsy store. No excuses now!

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