How Kelly Thomas is Revolutionizing the Standards for Mother Modeling Agencies with KT Management

by Thomas Herd

“As someone who’s been in their shoes before, I know what it’s like for these young girls,” says Kelly Thomas. “At KT Management, you get a different experience. We want to help build girls’ brands, share them in an amazing and supportive light and create intimate and personal friendships that will last for lifetimes.” Launched in 2017, KT Management was established with just five models. Today, Thomas has grown the company to represent more than 70 models, both male and female. In creating a new bespoke modeling management experience for her girls (and guys!), her priorities for her clients are not just solely focused on booking jobs.

“To me, it’s not a volume game, it’s about quality,” she says. “Spending time with each girl has created a very individualized experience for each client and it really allows me to understand what opportunities will help them shine and enhance who they are in the best way.”  Through KT Management, Thomas is proud to say that she invests in her clients’ self-worth, value and story. Knowing full well that behind every pretty face, there is a one-of-a-kind story that’s worth being told, she aims to celebrate her clients for who they are whether they’re in front of a camera, or not. With an unapologetic passion for scouting and connecting with young and aspiring talent, Thomas looks forward to further growing KT Management into the new norm for mother agencies with values and principles that offer girls more than just a job.

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