How E-Commerce Fashion Retailer Love Loren Focuses on Quality over Quantity

by Magdalena Munao

As the evolution of technology has irrevocably changed the fashion industry, the way we consume fashion has been revolutionized thanks to the development of social media and the accessibility of the internet and sharing. Though there are definitely upsides to the industry’s innovations, one downside in this is in how oversaturated the industry has become with fast, cheap fashion. As a result, quality and craftsmanship are often sacrificed in order to mass produce a cheap and poorly designed product that will appeal to the masses. But from an up-and-coming women’s e-commerce retailer comes a new take on fashion design and innovation. Introducing Love Loren.  Originally established in 2015 as a lingerie brand, Love Loren was born from the inspiration to create tastefully designed intimates for women. As these days, much of lingerie is oversexualized or classed as cheap or trashy, Love Loren set out to create a different kind of lingerie that would resonate with women who strive to emulate delicateness and femininity. Since the brand’s launch, they have expanded into a minimal line of women’s clothing that includes dresses, swimwear, tops and bodysuits, as well as accessories.

But what sets the brand apart from fast fashion mega retailers is in their commitment to designing and selling quality products. With each piece that is designed and produced, Love Loren takes fabric quality, sourcing, fit, design, wearability, and durability all into consideration before anything goes to market. The brand’s pricing is indicative of its quality with price points that are reasonable and fair.

As for their clothing, the styles are so cute and thoughtfully designed.  With plenty of delicate lace, dainty tops, dresses for day and night, Love Loren specializes in knowing how to make a girl feel equally cute and confident in their clothing. From lacy bralettes to classic dress designs, the brand’s obvious commitment to curating a selective range of thoughtfully made clothing for women transcends every piece they design. So if you’re looking to stray from the norm of e-commerce fashion retailers, check out Love Loren for something cute and feminine or follow them on Instagram for updates on their latest drops.

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