How Hybe Is Making Luxury Fashion More Accessible

by Amir Bakian

Luxury fashion is exceptionally different from everyday wear. Although there’s no concrete definition for luxury, several factors combine to give luxury its identity. Luxury fashion is not necessarily overpriced, but it’s usually expensive, no matter the brand. It’s also visually attractive, and although not one-of-a-kind, luxury fashion is often very rare and difficult to own. Other typical characteristics of luxury include: craftsmanship, innovation, performance, exclusivity, sophistication, relevance, and heritage. Despite the rareness of luxury fashion, Hybe provides equal access to these products for the millions of customers who shop with them.

Hybe is an online mystery box shopping platform. It allows shoppers to pick a mystery box of their choice, pay a fixed price and then unbox it to reveal the contents online. Boxes contain luxury fashion products which shoppers can have delivered straight to their door. Hybe emphasizes its Value Guarantee system, which ensures that the value of every product inside their mystery boxes is always equal to or greater than the value of the box itself. Because of the way mystery boxes work, Hybe is able to sell the luxury items inside at a significantly lower price than what they normally cost. Hybe also allows shoppers to exchange unboxed items based on personal preference.

Hybe has transformed online retail by making luxury fashion products more accessible to a broader group of people. Globally, luxury fashion is typically linked to high prices, making designer products inaccessible to the vast majority of shoppers. With Hybe’s mystery box business model, shoppers can access and acquire authentic apparel, shoes, and tech at groundbreaking low prices.

What makes luxury fashion products inaccessible
Luxury fashion is rare and inaccessible to the vast majority of people, something that historically has always been the case. Here are some of the reasons why that is.

Luxury fashion products are often produced in purposefully small batches. When demand outweighs supply in this way, brands can charge a higher price for their products, which become much more talked-about and coveted as a result. This strategy helps to define and sustain luxury fashion brands, but the low number of products available to purchase also means that a huge number of fashion lovers aren’t able to own the items they want.

In most cases, luxury fashion products cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This can be seen as a reflection of the prestige of the brand and the quality of the product, but can also be seen as a random price tag set by the designer. Either way, luxury fashion remains synonymous with high prices, to such an extent that products that are priced low are often not considered luxury at all.

Because of the large number of brands that exist, and because of the high prices associated with them, many people have never had the opportunity to explore the world of luxury fashion. Those who lack the means to own designer products are prevented from discovering what’s on offer, and this unfamiliarity makes it even more difficult to fill a wardrobe with luxury fashion.

The world’s most popular luxury fashion labels are plagued with counterfeit items. These fake products are often purchased by unsuspecting shoppers, who think they’ve found a great deal on the fashion that they love. In reality, counterfeit products have numerous imperfections, and are of a far lower quality than the real thing. Those who know what to look for will be able to spot a fake product easily.

Hybe eliminates all of these issues. It’s a trusted product discovery platform featuring mystery boxes that are always cheaper than the luxury fashion products inside them. Hybe sources stock from reliable suppliers that carry out verification processes to ensure that all luxury fashion products are authentic. In this way, Hybe is opening the doors to the fashion world to a bigger number of people than ever before. A free mystery box is available for all new Hybe members when they sign up. Visit the official Hybe website now to find out more. You can also connect with Hybe on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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