Hilary Swank on Her Athleisure Endeavor, Mission Statement

by Sydney Sadick

How does one augment an Oscar-winning career in Hollywood? With a new athleisure line, of course. Hilary Swank‘s Mission Statement merges high fashion with high performance, nodding to the actress’ love of sports, style, and healthy living. The actress gives a behind-the-scenes look at her brand, which launches today.

Why did you decide to create Mission Statement?
I’ve had this idea percolating for a while, but I have only actively been working on it for the past couple years. I didn’t want to approach this as a hobby or side project. It’s important for the modern woman to have clothes that can be transitional. I’m seeing that women want and need the ability to go from exercising straight into their day—segue into business meetings, dropping the kids at school, running errands. I couldn’t find something that served me in all of those areas without looking like I was in workout clothes, so I set out to design it. Mission Statement is intended to be taken literally: What’s your mission statement? The underlying purpose is to pay homage to women who have extraordinary ideas, ambition, focus, and a love for living a full life. I have always had the perspective that women need to look within for the answers that guide them to live their truest, most authentic selves, to dress for how they want to feel.

Why did you tap into athleisure instead of ready-to-wear?
There’s a trend toward a crossover brand, but I don’t feel like anyone has hit the mark, where high-performance clothing seamlessly meets high fashion.

What was the design process like? 
It was a great learning curve, but it’s interesting how it parallels movies—it’s creating an idea and taking it all the way to a finished product. It takes a village to actualize a creative endeavor, and finding that village in this specific endeavor has been a vital and important part of the beginning stages of developing my line.


Is designing something you see yourself continuing to do?
Absolutely! I worked so closely with my co-designer to create this line, and I want the future of the line to reflect the inspiration that I find throughout my journeys. We will sit for hours and talk through how I want certain things to fit or how I want the pant to support certain muscles and even how I like jackets to function in different climates. Every piece has versatility and function. The specifics are extremely important to me.

How do you describe your personal style?
It’s pretty minimalistic. I often leave my house very early in the morning and don’t return home, many nights, until after dinner. Finding a classic, simple style that segues into all facets of my day is important.

How do you stay in shape?
I love to do anything active, especially outdoors. I like to mix it up to keep it interesting, so some days I’ll find myself playing tennis or going for hikes while other days I am doing weights in the gym. I also love to find quiet time every day to recenter and focus. I’m moving so fast that I find quieting my mind is as important as getting in a good workout. One of my favorite moments of the day is taking time at dusk to be with my dogs and enjoy the sunset. It’s that time where I can let go of all the day has held and truly be in the moment with them.

What are your everyday beauty products?
I have several that I love: Peter Thomas Roth Sunscreen, 3Lab Eye Cream, Kiehl’s Creme de Corps for whole body moisturizing, Christine Chin facial products, and Chanel foundation with a little Armani mascara.


Do you keep a strict diet?
I try to eat healthy because I ask a lot of my body, and processed food makes me feel sluggish. I eat a lot of fish and try to eat veggies, or drink them. I’m best eating every couple hours rather than three large meals a day.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Potato chips! Love, love them. I usually eat what I crave, but just don’t overdo it. Our bodies are intuitive and I listen to what I’m craving to see what I might be deficient in.

 Photography by Steve Gong

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